Oh, She of Little Morals

Dear Sherry,

I am married and have three children. The relationship with my husband was never really passionate, if you know what I mean. However, I just met a guy. The problem is that he is the James Bond(JB) type, so I'm sure that if it ever occurs to me to break up with my husband, JB is just going to run away. What should I do?

Bond's Babe


Sherry Amatenstein

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I'm assuming that by "James Bond" type, you mean a man who prefers his women like his martinis: shaken not stirred. Babe, you may already be stirred, but you surely need to be shaken.

Not to come off overly moralistic, but shouldn't you be fretting more about your marriage than about a romantic future with a guy you hardly know (and already don't trust)? From where my derriere docks, your main concern should be that you have so little concern about the feelings of the father of your two -- excuse me, three -- children.

Dally if you must (step safely, now) with juicy James. Realize, however, that the stakes are high: Are you willing to break up your family in order to make your new beau feel secure? You need some basic lessons in determining life's priorities -- ASAP.

In any case, if your marriage doesn't seem on solid footing, the affair is quicksand! The single best time to have a James Bond-type around is when you need someone who looks good in a tux.

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