Oral Sex: Getting Comfortable with His Desires

Dear Dr. Patti:

Help! My fiance likes oral sex, but I have no idea what I'm doing! I am not uncomfortable with it, just inexperienced. Can you give me any pointers? Your help is appreciated.



Dear L,

I assume that you are referring to giving oral sex to your man, not being the lucky recipient. Fellatio, giving head, and going down on a guy all mean the same thing. Learning how to be an oral sex expert takes time and practice, as you'll need to find your personal comfort zone.

First, decide that you are willing to become an able participant. Liking this act is critical to performing your tasks with pizzazz. Even the slightest revulsion will be transmitted directly to his waiting member, and can kill the loveliness of the event.

Next, make sure that your man is fresh, clean and appealing before you get down to business. Varying your tongue and mouth positions, styles and techniques will help you find the perfect touch for his, and hopefully your, enjoyment. Oral sex is a skilled activity and an art form. The key is to like what you are doing, feel comfortable and confident, and make this a journey of pleasure for both of you. Using flavored lubricants such as cinnamon "Hot Stuff," whipped cream or chocolate syrup can add fun and zest to your experience. Licking the shaft as well as the head (corona) of the penis, along with using your hands on the (lubricated) skin around his manhood, will enhance the experience as well. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


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