Organize a Cramped Closet

My husband and I share a closet in our bedroom and are getting increasingly frustrated with how cramped it is. We really can't afford to purchase any bedroom furniture. Any suggestions? -- iVillager blessedwth2


This sort of problem sounds harder to solve than it actually is! Here are a few ways to help you make the most of your space.

  • Organize the closet and fold any clothes that do not need to be on hangers. Place your folded clothes in rustic wicker baskets with lids. Stack them and use them as your bedside tables. (Ikea was selling these baskets for only $20 at one point.) You can use the bottom baskets for seasonal clothes that you will not be wearing for the next several months. Don't forget to use cedar chips in the baskets to prevent moth infestation.
  • Make sure you are not storing summer clothes in your closet during the winter months. They are taking up unnecessary space.
  • Visit flea markets and thrift stores for small dressers to use as bedside tables or old trunks that you can stack and use as side tables.
  • The "garbage can" table is a great storage option.
  1. Cut out a circular piece of plywood about three to four inches wider than the diameter of the trashcan.
  2. Cut another piece of plywood the exact diameter of the top of the trashcan. Wood-glue this piece to the other piece of plywood in the center.
  3. Place the exact diameter piece into the trashcan. This will make the tabletop sturdy.
  4. Cover with a tablecloth. Voila! You have a great storage bedside table. Make sure you are not hanging on to any clothes you have not worn for several seasons. It's time to let go!

In addition, we often find customers forget about efficiently utilizing the closet in the guest bedroom. It's not ideal to travel into another room to get your clothes, but it works!

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