Storing Your Stuff in a Small Bathroom

I have a very small bathroom and do not have the space to store certain things like towels and underwear. Can you please give me some ideas? --iVillager Claudette


Oh, the challenges of small spaces. I can identify! My house has little or no storage, and I go around in circles moving things and trying to find places to put them. Finally I realized there are storage options.

If you literally have no lower wall space for a small cabinet, chest or bins, then your only option is to go up. You can do shelves over the toilet or get a unit made to go over toilets that can house towels, toilet paper and such. On these shelves you can use baskets for some of the various sundry items such as shampoo, hairbrushes, etc., as they can be unaesthetic when just sitting around. Maybe use natural colored baskets in similar sizes so you have a uniform look.

On another shelf you can have nicely folded towels (maybe pick a two-toned palette and have two colors). You can also house magazines and even your underwear, as you mentioned you need a space for that. Baskets are easy to take down, shuffle through and then return to their spot. Even if the inside of a basket is not really organized, no one will ever know.

Also think about shelves over the bath, if that is an option. They would have to be narrow, so you don't bump into them.

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