Pacifier: helping toddler give it up

My two-year-old uses a pacifier and we can't seem to get it away from her without a tantrum. She needs it most when she is in the car or ready to sleep. Do you have any suggestions?


There is no reason to break the pacifier habit in a child of this age. The pacifier is a self-comforting mechanism, and is a frequent choice for children up to the age of three. Other common self-comforting methods include twirling hair and sucking thumbs. Some children also play with their blanket or a diaper before they fall asleep.

If it is very important to you, you can limit the times that your daughter uses the pacifier. You can give it to her in the car or when she naps or is about to fall asleep at night.

In the classroom it's a different story: Pacifier use can impede social development. It can be very difficult to understand a child who is trying to speak through a pacifier

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