Painting Paneling

"I need to know how to paint paneling. How do I prep? How do I keep the paint even?" -- iVillager sal919


The prep work is the secret! You will spend 75 to 80% of your time preparing the paneling for paint.

First, the surface needs to be clean and dry. I use TSP - it will also degrease and degloss the paneling. Rinse and let dry.

You need to decide what you want to do with the grooves. You can fill them with joint compound and sand smooth. In fact, sand the entire surface with a medium grade sand paper wrapped around a sanding block. Wipe off or vacuum the dust from your sanding has created. Sanding the surface allows the primer to adhere better.

Apply a primer, such as B-I-N. I have my primer tinted the same color as my paint. The primer will keep the color of the paneling from bleeding through your paint.

It’s best to use an acrylic latex paint - apply it with a long-napped roller if you didn’t fill the grooves. Apply two THIN coats of paint instead of a single thick one, just like for fingernail polish!!

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