Painting Cement Floors

We have four cats and a German shepherd and we can't keep the carpet clean because we live on three acres in the lovely red dirt of Oklahoma. I can keep the tile floors clean but my decorating budget is busted!

I think my best solution is to take up the awful carpet in a few of the bedrooms in my home and then paint the cement floors. I would like the floor in one room to look like stone or rock (with shades of brown). Do you have any suggestions for the paint and technique? - iVillager cheryl_nature_lover


You may certainly paint your cement floors. There are paints manufactured specifically for this but they are usually very basic colors like brown and gray. These two colors may be all you need to achieve your "stone" look. On the other hand, if you decide to use a regular paint (high gloss) or cement paint, you will need to use a cement sealant to protect the paint job since these are high traffic areas.



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