Decorating a Room with a Rustic Feel

My husband and I are tired of white walls and want to paint our bedroom. The room has an American flag motif and is decorated in red, white and blue. Do you think it would be too much to pain the walls dark blue? --iVillager Chris


I love the idea the Americana theme. But red, white and blue are very strong primary colors. It would be just too much to paint the entire room blue. Here's what I suggest:

  • Paint the walls a very fresh white. Not cream, or yellow, or vanilla white. I'm talking bright fresh white, then all of the red, white and blue accents you have in the room will stand out.
  • Since you said you are tired of white walls, another idea is to paint one wall in the room as an accent wall, possibly the one behind the bed.
  • If you choose to paint one wall as an accent wall, I would choose a dusty blue, almost a blue jean blue. I would not go with a dark, solid color.
  • Take your cues on decorating this room from Ralph Lauren who does this Americana look the best. Use textured painting effect even to give the room a rustic feel.
  • Also, as a general tip, when you walk into a room, you want to have some key focal points where the eye can go. You don't want it to be too busy, so pick and choose your places to put color. One idea for your country, Americana theme, is to accent with some white boxes with a little something red on top.

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