Placenta Previa: Should I Be Concerned?

I am due next month, and am very nervous because I was told I have placenta previa. I am feeling fine and my doctor is trying to downplay the entire thing. Should I be concerned?


You have passed the most critical time if you are due next month. Previas are not usually a problem except when bleeding requires delivery. At this point, a cesarean delivery could be done with an excellent chance of a healthy baby. So, it is not necessarily a bad thing at this point. However, you should still do what your doctor has prescribed -- rest and don't have sex, for example -- to reduce the risk.

The other concern is at the time of delivery. There is a higher chance of persistent bleeding, which could, in rare cases, require transfusions or a hysterectomy. Most of the time, we can get the bleeding stopped. Overall, you are doing well and should feel relieved.

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