Placental Separation: Is Bed Rest Necessary?

I am currently in my 23rd week. At 12 weeks pregnant, I had a moderate placental separation. At that time, I was placed on bed rest until the collection of blood was gone. I have had weekly doctor's appointments and ultrasounds every two weeks since. The blood has not disappeared. I feel so much better psychologically and physically when I am more active, but I don't want to jeopardize my baby's health. What is the benefit of bed rest?


As you are finding out, we don't always know the best course of action. Basically, if your condition is stable, then activity probably doesn't make much difference. If it is not stable, then activity may make a difference, but we can't be sure. So we usually suggest bed rest, because it makes us feel like we are doing something!

If the placental clot is truly getting bigger since you were a little more active, then bed rest would make sense. But with different machines and technicians, the chances are it is really the same, just measured differently.

I would probably give it one to two weeks of decreased activity, get another ultrasound by the same people that did the last one and see if it is still stable. If so, move around some and get it checked again. If it is still stable, then activity is probably okay. Unfortunately, that doesn't take into account cost and insurance being willing to pay for all the testing.

Overall, it can take weeks for the clot to dissolve and sometimes they don't dissolve completely. The main thing is that the baby seems to be doing well. Hopefully, you won't need a large amount of bed rest.

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