Potty trained everywhere but at home

I am having problems potty training my three-year-old boy. He seems to want to go to the bathroom at the babysitter's and my parents house (or any where I am not) but as soon as we get home, he refuses to go! This is so frustrating and I am tired of buying diapers. What should I do?


If he is really trained with everyone else but you, then I would recommend taking your son out of his diapers. Tell him that you see that he is ready to be a big boy, because he is doing so well with the toilet everywhere else. Throw out the last box of diapers together and use only "big boy pants" from then on. (Training paints are fine, by the way.) He may have accidents, but that's how they should be viewed, not as regular bowel movements in a diaper.

Tell your son that when he has gone to the toilet for three days, he will get a reward. You could have a "big boy" day with you at a zoo, a movie or something else he would enjoy. Just for the two of you. Then keep a chart on the wall to count the days. This can be repeated. Your son needs to see the reason to potty train and feel that it's a good thing to be welcomed into the world of older children

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