Potty training: One step at a time

I'm at the end of my rope with my very feisty three-year-old son. I think that he is ready to potty train, but so far nothing works. If I leave him without a diaper and without pants he will use the potty, though sometimes he will not get to the potty quick enough. Other times he'll just go on the floor. It seems to be a control issue and we are also working on weaning him from a pacifier. I was wondering if this is just too much at one time.


I agree with you wholeheartedly that it is too much to ask your son to give up his pacifier and his diapers at the same time. Hold off on the pacifier.

The toilet training may be a control issue, or your son may not be sure every time he actually has the urge to go. This neurological development takes place at different times in different children.

You can certainly try to take him out of diapers completely and see how that goes. Sometimes a child will work a bit harder when he knows the diapers are gone. (You can toss them into the garbage together.) If find your son having more accidents than he does successes, he just may not be ready. If this is the case it would be wise to follow his lead.

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