Preemie at Seven Months: Ready For Solid Foods?

My son was born 10 weeks premature and is now seven months old and almost 17 pounds. Developmentally he is closer to a five month old. At his six-month checkup, his doctor told me I could wait to give him solids since he is obviously getting what he needs from breastfeeding, however, I'm not so sure. Sometimes he seems pretty interested in food. I started giving him some cereal and applesauce at night and he loves it.


Sue Gilbert

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I believe that you can accommodate both your baby's nutritional needs and his desire to have solids. By making nursing your baby's main source of nutrition, but still allowing him to eat appropriately chosen solids you can capitalize on his desire to move on in his eating development but still take advantage of the nutritional benefits of nursing.

Breastfeed him first and then offer solids. I strongly suggest that you continue to offer solids and follow his lead on this. He is showing you he is ready for it.

Help to boost the nutritional content of the solids by mixing them with breast milk when possible. For example, make the cereal using breast milk. If you make your own veggies and fruits, and they need to be thinned down, do it with breast milk.

Five months (developmentally) is a very appropriate time to begin to add solids to your baby's diet. Offering solids at another meal can have nutritional benefits as well as developmental one. Try adding some cereal made with breast milk to the morning feeding.

Nutritionally, your milk should be more than adequate to meet his needs for many months, however, developmentally, baby's should be allowed to have solids. It helps to stimulate their maturing ability to chew and swallow in a more adult form.

If the doctor thinks that you should not allow solids for any particular reason, than of course you need to follow his advise.

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