Pregnancy Loss: Can Falling Basal Body Temperature Predict a Miscarriage?

Can charting basal body temperatures during the first trimester of pregnancy predict that a miscarriage may occur, or has already occurred?


Toni Weschler, MS

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Waking basal body temperatures (BBT) are very useful if you continue to take them during the first trimester. Most miscarriages occur during this time and waking temperatures typically start dropping below the coverline as a warning of an impending miscarriage.

Contact your doctor as soon as you see your temperatures plunging, but ask if they can determine why you may be threatening to miscarry before deciding whether you want to even try to prevent it.

You can usually tell that you have had a miscarriage, even if you never confirmed it with a pregnancy test. You may have had 18 or more high temperatures -- above the coverline -- especially if they were tri-phasic, followed by what appears to be either a normal or heavier period.

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