Pregnant: Does cloudy urine mean a urinary tract infection?

I am due in 11 days and yesterday, when I went to the doctor, she said my urine looked "cloudy." They asked me for another sample to see if there is any kind of infection so they are aware of it at the time of delivery. What would cause an infection? Should I be drinking more water or cranberry juice?


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I once heard it said that "urine should be clear at least once a day." Maybe this is an inaccurate saying, but cloudy urine in the absence of symptoms is generally of no consequence.

The times I even mention the condition of urine to my clients is when I see that it is very concentrated, dark in color. This means that they should be drinking more. Every pregnant woman should drink about half a gallon of fluids every day. This should help dilute and clear up the urine.

Drinking cranberry juice acidifies the urine and would be helpful to prevent urinary tract infections, but would not help much in your case.

As long as you are having no symptoms of urinary infection, and there is no significant amount of protein in the urine on an office dipstick ( 1+), I would not worry about this.

Most urine collections in pregnancy are not "clean catches" either, so vaginal contamination is very probable. It is probably a good idea for all pregnant women to have at least one urine culture in the pregnancy to rule out a high colonization of beta strep, but this would not account for the cloudiness. It is a normal finding in the absence of infection or associated symptoms.

Hope this is reassuring and thanks for writing.

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