Pregnant: Should you feel more movement with twins?

I am in my 17th week of pregnancy and I'm expecting twins. I am concerned that I don't feel enough fetal movement. This is my second pregnancy. My first child was very, very active. Should I be feeling more movement by now?


Peg Plumbo CNM

Peg Plumbo has been a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) since 1976. She has assisted at over 1,000 births and currently teaches in the... Read more

There is much variability in when mothers perceive fetal movement.

Although one would suspect that when carrying twins you should feel it sooner, this is not always the case. Much depends upon the babies' position, their size, the amount of fluid, your weight etc.

If your care provider has determined that the size of the babies is appropriate for their gestation, with normal fluid volume, and if fetal movement and heartbeat are visualized on ultrasound, I would not worry.

It may be helpful to know if the babies are monozygotic or dizygotic (identical or fraternal). They should be able to get a fairly good idea with specialized ultrasound examination.

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