Preschooler Has Difficulty With Directions

My son is four years old. He's in a preschool and is doing well in all of the areas of learning like letters, readiness to read, numbers, etc. We're having some problems with his ability to follow directions. I'm not sure if he's bored with some of the activities at school or if it's something that we really need to be concerned about.


If the teacher has the same concerns, then perhaps an evaluation of your son's problem is in order. Sometimes children can't follow directions because they are not processing them fast enough. Sometimes it's because they are not able to put the directions in the right sequence. And often, it's because they are just not focusing when the directions are giving.

Difficulty focusing is usually a developmental issue and your child will generally grow out of it as he or she matures. The other two situations usually require tutoring by a professional to help a child learn. Ask your school for a recommendation of someone who is skilled in testing young children to determine if your child has a learning disability. If it does turn out that your child has a problem in this area, early intervention can be crucial, so it's great you are looking into this now.


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