Preschooler unable to form sentences

My three-year-old son understands instructions but when it comes to talking, it's like he has a lazy tongue. He says the basic words like, "no," "car," "mommy," "daddy," etc. But when it comes to putting it all in sentences he babbles. I've been getting him to look at me when I'm talking and I speak slowly and clearly and ask him to repeat or answer the question. We read books together every night and have a set bedtime ritual. His pediatrician has recommended seeing a speech therapist and I'm going to try this. Can you give me any additional advice?


Your pediatrician's advice is my own. A speech therapist will be able to tell you what is going on for your son. It could be as simple as teaching your child to use his tongue appropriately when he forms words. What you need is an expert in the field who can tell you the answer.

Until you find out exactly what he needs, continue using the excellent methods you are now using to make sure he understands your communication. After you find out what your son needs, there will be many things you can do to help him. A competent speech therapist can show you what he or she is doing with your child and give you "homework" to practice with him. One more thing: if you don't like the person who evaluates your child enough to hire him or her as your child's therapist (if needed), feel free to shop around. A speech or language therapist should be a good match with the child, and have the confidence of the parent.

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