TV Recap: Private Practice

Ah the elevator... enter Addison and Pete. Friendly banter. Whoa, who is this guy, and what has he done with Dr. Wilder? Clearly this can't be real... thunk. Addison topples out of bed, midway through the awkwardly sexy scene. Well, if they're not going to put these two together in real time, I guess a dream will do for now.

At the morning meeting Pete tells Addison she looks hot and the whole room falls silent. He means flushed. Moving on, there is a healthy round of applause for what is to be Dell's first solo pap smear today. Hilarious.

Naomi and Violet corner Addison about her Pete fantasies and Violet starts confessing her Bill Clinton fantasy. They talk about scratching the itch, so to speak, and Addison says she doesn't do that kind of thing - leaving the other two speechless. They try to convince her later that self-pleasure would help her to steer her clear of Pete. Sam overhears and of course he tells Pete, who proceeds to give Addison a hard time about it all day at work.

The cases:

Maya and Ruby
Addison’s gets a phone call from Maya, and she’s hiding in the bathroom with her friend Ruby. She says she thinks she has gonorrhea. Dun dun dun… she’s 13 years old! And did Ruby really just say: “Gonorrhea. That’s the good STD right?” Seriously? Addison tries to find out what’s going on and because she can’t legally tell Naomi she confides in Cooper. He says Maya needs a friend. Addison needs to be what Maya’s parents can’t. Later, she tries to ask Naomi about Maya, but Naomi is clueless and very much in denial about her daughter—she thinks things are great. I wonder how many parents out there are in the same boat. Mayas tests are clear, but Addison finds out she is sleeping with multiple people and thinks condoms are 100 percent effective. She heads home, but then calls Addison again. At the house, Ruby is collapsed in a puddle of blood on the floor. Maya lied. Ruby had the problems the whole time. Turns out little Ruby has a late stage pregnancy. Maya keeps asking Addison what to do and then she pulls out her phone and says “Mommy?” Exactly, these are just little girls. Maya tells her mom she’s not doing what Ruby’s doing. Naomi is pissed at Addison and crying. Addison has to leave and talk to Ruby’s parents, but she asks Naomi to please have “the talk” with Maya.

Running out of steam
Dr. Wilder meets Nicole, a famous runner. Her coach wants Pete to take a look at her, so he runs tests while Nicole runs on a treadmill and the machine starts going off. He tells her any physical exercise, from running too hard too walking to hard, could cause her to die. She’s clearly devastated. She ends up leaving, and when Pete heads to the track later to check on her she collapses during a race. Her coach says he and his wife have pretty much raised Nicole. Dr. King comes with some (herbs, maybe?) from Nicole’s bag and gives them to Pete. He tells her he did not prescribe them, and she says to figure it out anyway. Later, Pete asks Nicole what she took, and tells her he tells her she may never race again. He confronts the coach, who apparently shopped around for a second opinion, and ends up clocking him in the face.

The attack victim
Sam sees Beth, who has a serious cut after someone broke into her house and she fell into a glass table. She looks awfully shifty to me. Hmm… what else is going on here? She asks him about a drug for PTSD used on Katrina victims that alters the memory. Her husband is gone on business a lot and she doesn’t want to live in fear. Violet consults with her and Sam, and later stops by Beth’s house to make sure she is okay. She asks what more happened that night and Beth tells her how she was attacked and sexually abused. Her husband walks in and overhears everything (he didn’t know), and is extremely upset. He seems just a little crazy. The next day they both come in for a session with Violet and we find that the wife is actually worried about her husband dealing with the after effects of the situation, not her own self. He breaks down, and they hug it out.

Dell goes down to Lady Town
Dell goes in to give his first “happy pap” and meets a cranky patient, who is on the phone. Really, who gets this done while on the phone? All her talking and comments on his age make him even more nervous and he fumbles around and drops the equipment. On his second attempt, Naomi is observing. This patient becomes unhealthily distracted by him because she thinks he’s “too cute.” He says, “No I’m ugly and I have moles in weird places.” Hysterical. He’s had some of the best lines tonight. Finally on his third try he gets shot down again. However, after he gives a ridiculous—but persuasive—speech about being born to do it, he gets to explore Lady Town after all.

Violet and Alan, take two
Violet barely finishes telling Cooper that she is finally over Alan when Pap Smear Boy tells her Alan is in the lobby. Alan goes to shake hands with Cooper… denied! Violet can’t resist talking to him, so she runs after him. They finish talking. She tells Sam and Cooper they’re “friends” and having coffee. Cooper starts giving her the what-for, but Addison comes in to borrow him for a consult. She tries to justify the situation to Sam, but he doesn’t want to be involved either. That night Cooper goes to Violet’s with breakup-mending kit, but we find out that Alan is there. Poor Cooper, it was a real slap in the face. He hands her the kit and says he can’t do it anymore. Good for him. When Alan and Violet finally go on their coffee date she (stupidly) asks him to talk about Cami. The subject of baby fever comes up and Violet goes into orbit and leaves. She heads into Sam’s office and breaks down on him. Sam tells her that he’d like to think that pain is what forces us to grow. Cooper sees her leaning on Sam’s shoulder from the hallway, and walks away. It’s hard to tell if he’s really busted up about it, or just sticking to his guns.

Come together
Sam and Naomi sit down to discuss Maya. He thought Naomi had “the talk” with her, but she didn’t. They agree they need to do better as [divorced] parents. He says maybe they need to let it hurt a little more and stop trying to make it seem like they’re perfect…or buy a chastity belt. Chastity belt it is. So much for getting serious—will they ever quit pretending?

Violet goes to Cooper’s to confront him. He answers the door and she says, “Why didn’t you check on me?” He just stares at her, and she goes in. So much for detaching from her.

Back at Oceanside, Addison catches Pete on his way out. He brings up the fantasizing and says he’s not above a fantasy or two about her. Then he smiles that beautiful smile. Melt. She checks out his hand and finds out he hit someone, and starts getting all revved up comparing him to a cowboy or a gladiator. Then right when they’re about to kiss… she leaves! Sweet mother. She takes off with her newfound fantasy image and heads home to tackle her showerhead and scratch the itch. Unfortunately, that leaves Pete alone in the office, and fully dressed. So much for wishful thinking.

Final thoughts…

Good for Cooper for not letting Violet walk all over him (yet), and I thought the Addison/Naomi/Maya/Sam storyline was pretty well executed. Patient cases were kind of blasé this week. For the first several episodes, the action has all been centered around them, but this week it seemed like there was a big shift off of them and onto the staff relationships—which was great. And, in case anyone hasn’t heard:

Private Practice

has been picked up for the entire season! So, you can rest easy that Addison and company (and especially the beautiful

Tim Daly

aren’t going anywhere yet. Besides, next week Addison and Pete are getting their flirt on even more and talking about the “m” word. That’s right, marriage. Next week. Be there!

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