Private Practice Recap: 10/10/2007

It's pouring rain. Only Addison is not in Seattle anymore, she's in LA, so she's having a meltdown about the weather - but it's not just the weather, it's everything. She doesn't think she fits in at Oceanside, and it seems her dream that everything would be different in LA is turning out to be more like a mirage. Naturally, Naomi sticks it to her and says it's time she makes some friends and learns to play well with others. Namely, I hope this means she'll be spending some time with Pete, but he's got his own problems.

Pete is standing out in the rain with an umbrella in a cemetery talking to his dead wife Anna's grave. This week is the anniversary of her death and Violet thinks it is good for him because he's in a rut. We don't know anything about Pete's wife, but when he said, "you were a lousy wife and I hated you," that pretty much summed things up I think.

The relationship drama:

Naomi the cake fiend
Naomi is in a funk because her and Sam’s mysterious daughter Maya (remember her from the pilot?) is spending the week with him instead. She finds comfort in a chocolate cake that Dell brought in. This storyline gets a little weird when Dell keeps bringing in cakes for her and they lock eyes and have a little moment. She ingests about a gazillion calories, and it turns out Dell’s grandma has been baking them and he apparently has some plan to win over Naomi by giving her what she wants. Here’s a newsflash for him: I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to get fat, and there’s no way to eat all that without some repercussions. Only on TV. And anyway, Naomi eventually breaks down and admits that she wants “Sam’s cakes.” Well, obviously.

Looking for magic
Addison tells the girls that last time she was there she felt more magic. Violet says it’s because she kissed Pete. He strolls in just then and Addison sasses him (usually cute, but this time it’s totally over-the-top). He leaves and Violet says Addison should give Pete a pass this week. Later she asks Naomi why everyone is pushing Pete on her. Naomi says if Addison wants to belong, then Pete is part of the solution. She also clues her in to why Pete deserves some slack this week.

The cases:

Doug and Karen: (Not) So happy together

Violet talks with Doug, a patient for 36 months who wants to leave his wife but just can’t bring himself to do it. Once he finally gets to that point he leaves, only to return with his wife Karen, who is holding a rag totally soaked in blood to her nose. First thought is that they got into one hell of a fight when Doug broke the news, but actually it’s just a bad nosebleed. It took me awhile to figure out why this lady was so familiar to me and I finally remembered. She’s actress Molly Hagan, who played Lea Thompson’s pal Shayne in Some Kind of Wonderful (circa 1987.) She accosts Violet for interfering with her marriage and then coughs blood all over Violet’s face and collapses. Turns out she has a disease—and she’s known for six months. Sam and Violet tag team Doug and Karen, who is forced to tell Doug she knew. Violet tries to get Doug to stick with his decision, but his “expensive backbone” is worthless and he says he’s staying with her (although we all know he’ll be miserable.) He comes back later and tells Violet that at least he’s made his choice now and he has to live with that. Sad.

Kathleen and Jeffrey: The crazy honeymooners
This couple comes in to see Addison after a sexless three-week honeymoon in Africa. The wife spazzes at Dell and then tells Addison she broke her “hoo-ha” even though she’s never actually used it because she’s been holding out for some magic. Addison prescribed a pill to help loosen her up, but it didn’t work. They came back even more crazy than the first time. Can anyone say over-acting? Violet suggests Pete work with them. He agrees and Addison tries to talk to him about his wife, but he blows her off. They send the couple off and Pete tells Addison he doesn’t need pity or sympathy, but the couple deserves a perfect night. He says his wife was dead when he woke up one morning and they never had a perfect night. He leaves, Addison is speechless, and Violet says that’s the most he’s ever told anyone about Anna.

The blueberry girls

A lady brings in her blue daughter. Cooper thinks she means depressed until he sees that the girl is starting to look like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Cooper tries to figure out what is causing the blue. He asks about dental fillings and the mom confirms that her daughter just had her first filling. Problem solved… maybe. He tells her he needs to take a picture and she says “you totally do.” But, awhile later, more blue girls show up, so Cooper heads to their house and still can’t find anything. Then he gets the best idea of all—to go play with them. Nothing brought me more joy this episode than seeing him run around with fairy wings on and a bunch of little girls in tutus. Hilarious. They lead him to their “castle” which is a shed in the neighboring yard, and it’s filled with Ammonium nitrates from bags of fertilizer. Bingo.

The wrap up
Pete is back out at the grave again. He’s angrily filing all his grievances at his wife’s gravestone. After several unfavorable comments and one swift kick, he kneels down and says, “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.” Who knows what all happened between them, but I think Tim Daly did a nice job with this storyline. I really feel bad for him because he seems like such a good guy. Back at Oceanside, everyone is hanging out at the front desk when the crazy honeymooners return and smother Addison with hugs. Apparently they are cured. She directs them to Pete, while Cooper and Sam wonder what they did that was so great and Violet says, “They saved a marriage.”

Final thoughts

In case you missed the references, this episode was titled “In Which Addison Finds the Magic.” Although I didn’t really buy into the whole magic theme, I think

Shonda Rhimes

worked some magic. This week was different. I thought


the character relationships started to develop, it sure looks like we’re going to see more of Addison and Pete now, and the general pace has picked up a bit too. I know I’m not the only one who thought the first few episodes were iffy, but I have to say, after tonight I think there’s some serious potential there now. Anyone else in?

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