Private Practice Recap: 10/03/2007

Things picked up a bit this week in LA. Cooper, Pete and Violet head to Addison's house (a surprise to her) because Cooper has arranged for a surprise for Sam (who he thinks is in a rut). He might be right. Sadly, our handsome doc is hanging out with his dog and doing Sudoku... that is until Ginger "the entertainer" arrives. As everyone watches from afar, and Sam gets a close-up of Ginger's rashy backside, Naomi arrives at Addison's and is none-too-pleased to hear the words "stripper" and "Sam" used together. Cue the jealous ex-wife.

At the staff meeting the next morning, Naomi is still irritated by the situation and Sam finds out everyone knows. Pete thinks Addison is mad at him and Violet gets a special delivery. She practically cries over the sight of a bicycle. Can’t wait for the story on that. Meanwhile, Cooper’s first patient is adorable little Emily, who is plagued by continual health problems. He orders up more blood tests… and it’s pretty obvious that something massive is wrong with her.

Emily’s test results show she has an incurable genetic condition known as Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease

Sam makes a house call to Dave Walker, but when he arrives he sees the guy collapsed in convulsions inside the house. There’s a woman wandering around, but she won’t answer the door, so he’s forced to break in. He finds Dave with his son Stevie, who found him. Sam tells the woman (Dave’s mom) to call an ambulance, but she is out of it. Dave gets brought in to the ER, but then released by Charlotte. We find out from Sam that Dave has a drinking problem, but that doesn’t seem to offer any clear answers. Something else is going on. Later in the day, Stevie rolls into the hospital with the same vomiting affliction as his dad. He says his grandma made them sandwiches and Sam orders up blood work to find out what’s been going on in the Walker’s kitchen. Turns out that grandma has been slipping them a special kind of mushroom that causes vomiting when ingested with alcohol. Sam confronts grandma and finds that she’s doing it to cure Dave of his alcoholism, which runs in the family. She didn’t realize Stevie drank too, but she’s trying to protect her family and won’t stop.

The Regroup
Everybody meets up and dishes on their patients—hoping for a little advice among colleagues. When someone says “How could a parent do that to her child?” Addison has an idea, flips through the visitor log from the nursery and finds that one person was there constantly… a parent.

Addison confronts Duncan Stinson and accuses him of switching their baby for Sarah after Emily seized in his arms. He demands his money back, and at this point we find out that Mrs. Stinson had NO idea that he did this, and she is completely shocked. Later, Mrs. Stinson shows up with Sarah for the baby exchange and says she intends to divorce Duncan. The moms have a rough time parting with their girls, and even Charlotte sheds a few tears (you mean she actually has feelings? Wow!) The moms swap tips on how they get the girls to sleep, while Mr. O’Brien gets the prize for best moment of the night. He’s all choked up and tells Cooper, “I thought I couldn’t watch her die, and now I can’t let her go.”

Meanwhile, Sam counsels Dave about entering an alcohol treatment program. He seems less than enthused, but Sam tells him he knows why he’s been sick. Does he “out” grandma? Nope, instead he tells Dave he’s developed an allergy to alcohol and has to stop drinking. Believable? Not really, but he seems to buy it. Sam says if Dave continues to get sick he’ll have to consider it’s something much more serious (ahem, granny.)

Violet’s crazy Italian bicycle affliction is legit. It turns out that she ordered it for her ex Alan last year (before he was her ex) as a birthday surprise for this year. She’d apparently forgotten about the $6000 present (!) until it arrived today (his birthday). Naomi made her promise not to give it to him. She tries to anyway (clearly, this girl is crazy) and finds out that his new wife already got him one. So, she is a mess, and tries to disassemble the bike—with support from Cooper. I got a little tired of this tangent tonight. It just didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the show. Anyone see a future romantic storyline for these two “pals?”

Naomi confronts Sam and tells him he can’t date a stripper. He says it’s his choice. She tells him (in short) that is would be an insult to her if he dated someone like that after being married to her. That I get. So then Sam assures her that the next woman that he dates will be smart, beautiful, and (in short) way better than her—ouch! While she is now fine with this, I would be pissed! I mean, I get the fact that the next woman ought to be great, but those words way better than you just make my heart sink, and he didn’t even say it to me! No woman wants to hear that. Right?

Did you like the whole bicycle storyline? Do you think Naomi and Sam will ever get back together? I don’t know about you all, but those previews have me looking forward to next week. Aside from the mysterious blue girls, it looked like there might be some serious Addison/Pete drama going on—and all I can say is: It’s about time. I don’t know why we’re seeing so little of them, but especially after Pete’s cute little schpiel tonight about what he likes in a woman, I hope next week we’ll finally get some action.

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