TV Recap: Private Practice

It's an odd day at Oceanside. Staff members trickle in wearing disguises (think hats and glasses) and hope that they don't run into one another following a night of awkward situations. The women are in Naomi's office rehashing the evening, and Sam and the guys are all gathered in the break room. He says they should talk about the women, since the gals are clearly talking about them.

Both Addison and Violet are after Naomi for advice. Addison can't believe she was stood up, and Violet is feeling rejected for her nakedness. Naomi almost spills on her late-night office tryst. None of them want to go to the break room for coffee, so Addison heads downstairs to buy some. She ends up in line behind Carl, who is definitely not as hot as Pete, but they hit it off. When she gets back upstairs she runs into Pete, and tells him that personally he's been downgraded to acquaintance. She didn't even give him a chance to explain.

Charlotte King explains a new program at the morning meeting. It’s called Safe Surrender and allows for mothers who’ve just given birth to safely give up their children if they can’t or don’t want to care for them. Does anyone else find her excessive drawl annoying? Anyway, staff members need to stick close to the hospital in case there’s a page.

Tension, tension, everywhere
Violet snapped at cooper and then met her patient… coffee Carl. He says he feels great and is ready for more homework, like dating again. He tells her he met a great lady, and hands over Addison’s business card. What’s a gal to do?

Sam heads to Naomi’s office. There’s cute, awkward tension between them. It’s like they’re shy middle-schoolers almost. He can hardly keep from smiling, and wants to know what the deal is. Was this just a slip or possibly a frequent thing? She doesn’t know, but tries to play it safe and says it was definitely just a slip. Mmm hmm. Not buying it. These two are so hooking up again. Dell tells them a priest called and needs to see them both. He asks if they committed a mortal sin. Oh Dell. The priest is actually their priest, and now Naomi thinks they are going to hell. They head out to meet the father, and she blurts it out when they meet. He says he’s going to let that go. Who is that actor? He looks so familiar. Anyone, anyone?

At the convent, one of the nuns is sick. They have been holed up together for three weeks straight. Sister Helen has chicken-pox-like speckles all over her belly. They send a picture to Dell, who then passes it on to infectious disease specialists for help.

Addison gets a call from Carl to meet for coffee, and Violet doesn’t know what to say. She can’t really say anything because of confidentiality laws, so she tells Addison not to move too fast. Addison shushes her and says, “I’m getting my date on.” Good luck. Addison leaves for her date and Pete seems jealous. Cooper also has a date, with an Internet chick. Canthandleme44 or something like that. Good grief. He tells Pete that Addison’s date is a lucky guy. Pete doesn’t like that either. To which I say: You can’t have it both ways. Make an effort to date her, or get over it!

Now Addison’s on her coffee date—really? Who goes for coffee at night?—Carl confesses that he is a patient of Violet’s and she’s made him a better man. Addison seems surprised, but cool with it. We still don’t know what his big issue is though. Her phone rings and it’s a Safe Surrender call, so she has to take off.

The girl’s name is Darcy and she had the baby secretly at her parents’ house. How did she clip the umbilical cord? With a barrette of course. Sheesh. She hands over the baby, wants nothing to do with it, and has to go because her mom is in the background yelling that it’s a bit late to have friends over.

Back at the convent, Sister Virginia starts getting sick. All the nuns are getting rashes, and it turns into a hot zone that needs to be locked down. Eight ladies have fevers, and Naomi still thinks God is trying to tell them (her and Sam) something. Get real lady. Sam says if they are in a fatal situation then he’s glad they got some. He’s so cute.

After Pete and Addison bring the baby back, they sit around with Dell, Cooper and Violet. Violet finds out Cooper has a date, and Addison decides to stay at Oceanside for the night with the baby girl. Pete tries to get information about Carl out of Violet, but she won’t talk. Cooper’s mystery Internet girl is… Charlotte King?! Oh no. It’s true. She flat out rejects him and takes off. This is just bad news.

Dell calls the convent to deliver the news: Typhoid. The ladies get moved to ICUs and Naomi explains that the disease is common in third world countries, but that there’s a two-week incubation period. How did they get exposed? Sam talked to health services and there have been no outbreaks, so did someone do this on purpose? He thinks someone is lying.

Carl delivers flowers for Addison. Pete is right there, and finds out that he’s her patient. Cooper comes in and they try to get information out of her. She says Carl calls himself “trunk.” No one really knows what that means, but it might have to do with a size thing? Pete delivers Carl’s flowers and tells Addison he thinks the guy has problems and “he’s not Addison Montgomery material.” Aww. She (of course) blows him off. She’s really cute with the baby girl. A little tired and delirious, but cute. She’s been up all night with “bat girl” who screeches like a bat, and she’s lost a shoe.

Sam asks father about a sister meeting with someone. Ahh…is someone secretly sleeping with father? Naomi and Sam watch him giving a blessing to one of the sick nuns and think that he has some feelings for her. They sit him down and say they want to test him for typhoid. He says he feels fine, and Naomi says a carrier doesn’t have any symptoms. He comes clean and says at night he would sneak into the convent and they would… cook together. Sorry, folks, it’s just that innocent. They’re friends. She taught him to cook. They’ve never touched. Show’s over folks, nothing to see here.

Carl comes in for an emergency. He needs to have a shoe removed from his butt? Really? That. Is. Disgusting. Somebody better not tell Addison what really happened to her missing shoe. Violet tells him he needs to go back to therapy. He asks her to tell Addison he can’t date her because he doesn’t trust himself around her shoes. Gross!

Coop checks out the baby girl, and she’s good. Is Addison thinking of keeping her? She’s really attached already. Charlotte and Cooper have an awkward moment. He calls her by her screen name and asks her about cotton balls. Is he really that into her? I agree, she needs to get some, but I just don’t want to see these two hook up and Violet would be pretty upset.

Addison is in the closet with the bat girl so she sleeps. She’s talking on the phone to Naomi, who says she can’t keep the baby. Violet comes in and says Carl can’t be dating her—they need to talk. She explains that he has a “medical condition” that worsens under stress. Apparently “trunk” is a place you put stuff you take or borrow from another person—in an anatomical sense. Wow. Addison immediately thinks of the shoe. Violet says it’s nothing to be disturbed by. Right. Addison says she’s going to get up, leave, and they will never speak of this again.

Dell tells Addison he called social services about bat girl. She gets a call and heads out with Pete to rescue another baby. This one was just left under a tree in the park. That’s so sad. She tries to revive the baby when they get back to the clinic, but after an hour it’s no use. She’s angry, Pete tries to help, and she blows them off. He needs to console her. Instead she talks to Charlotte, who seems like a halfway decent listener.

Darcy (mother of the first baby) shows up with her mom, who is hysterical. They want bat girl back. After all, this is her grandchild, she sobs. Addison is a little busted up, but tries to hide it. Sam and Naomi are hinting about getting busy again. He reaches over and holds her hand. Aww… I like the together.

Cooper flags down Charlotte at the elevator and asks her to have a drink. She says no. Oh no. Or yes. Yuck! They are definitely not having a drink; they’ve having some dark and crazy bedroom antics. How could he do it? What is the attraction there?

Pete tries to be there for Addison. He says she shouldn’t be alone. She says she won’t. She shows up at Sam’s because she can’t get a hold of Naomi. He gets her a glass of wine and tries to explain her day, but keeps mentioning how she needs to talk to Naomi. She starts breaking down and Naomi comes out in a bathrobe. More crying. And hugging. I love that she doesn’t even say anything about it, and I love that Naomi is at Sam’s.

Final thoughts

Sorry for the lack of episode photos this week—there weren’t any up on the site yet. This episode wasn’t as good as last week, but it wasn’t bad either. In two weeks we’re getting a fight between Dell and Sam over Naomi, and possibly more of Charlotte and Cooper. Can’t wait for that, I mean really, what can Dell possibly have to offer that’s better than Sam? So, what do you guys think? Why has everyone been so quiet? I want to hear what you guys think about all these new (and old) hookups. You know where I stand. Agree, disagree, let me know!

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