TV Recap: Private Practice

-Addison and Pete pick up where they left off last time, with a steamy make-out session on the countertop. She tells him she doesn't want to be "just another notch in his acupuncture table," but they agree to hook up after work anyway. They steal a few more moments until Dell busts them and says not to worry, this scenario will be "locked in the Dell vault."

Elsewhere, Violet has a fit about bananas, which is just a cover for her not getting any man-action. A patient named Susan is scheduled to come in for her water birth, which Pete and Addison will be working together for. And can I just say: Tim Daly is h-o-t. It's distracting. Sam gets a phone call from a patient to make a house visit, but the caller hangs up before he can get much information out of her. Cue the baby boom.

It’s raining babies in LA

Expectant mom number one is Susan, the widow of a police officer. She’s a little over prepared for her planned water birth. From the moment she comes in, Miss OCD starts giving orders and rattling off directions for the procedure. Her husband’s partner (Officer Nelson) shows up, causing her to get a little anxious over her husband’s death, but Pete comes to the rescue with his visualizations. He might need to rescue Addison too, if she can’t quit staring at him. Seriously? Pete is so much cuter.

Mom number two already has three boys (well, four if you count her husband, who acts like a child). They’re in to see Cooper, but it turns out that she’s in labor and won’t be going anywhere for a while. Dell gets to help deliver. He walks into the room to announce himself with a big dumb grin on his face, and the lady just says “ok.” She’s an old pro and doesn’t get too worked up about things.

Sam arrives at his house call, but thinks he’s at the wrong address because he’s parked in front of a gas station. He then gets motioned in by a girl, who locks the door behind him. He has no idea what he’s walking in to. There’s a man behind the counter who has been shot in the leg by a woman holding up the convenience store. She’s none other than Sara Gilbert a.k.a. Darlene from Roseanne. Seriously she has not aged at all. And, in an odd twist, she turns out to be expectant mom number three—her water just broke (and she’s holding a gun.)

Everybody’s making plans to get busy

Violet propositions Cooper in the break room for casual sex. No doubt, this just made his day. I cannot believe she is so blind to his feelings for her. But, she tries to spark up a “friends with benefits” deal. He’s in, and he tells Pete. Although Pete tries to say it’s a bad idea, Cooper says that his dating at work isn’t a good idea either—not with Addison, or the woman before her.

Tons of officers start congregating at Oceanside. Addison asks Naomi for advice about Pete. Naomi tells her that Pete is not the change she is looking for—she thinks she’s afraid of being alone. Naturally, Addison gets defensive and leaves.

Across town, Sam calls Naomi for help because he doesn’t know how to deliver a baby. Even if he did, it would probably be hard to remember with a gun pointed at his head. And, he can’t really tell her the situation he’s in.

The deliveries
All the women are about to deliver at once. Dell is supposed to call Naomi, but there’s not enough time. He’s on his own. She has another boy and says, “ shove it back up there and pull out a girl!” Oh dear. She doesn’t want another boy because she’s tired of doing all the work and taking care of everyone—including her husband. He comes in the room and most of the staff is around. Dell, still beaming with pride, tells him to grow up. Cooper and Violet agree. Naomi tells the mom to grow up too. He needs to help out and she needs to love and raise her baby and just be glad she has one. Case closed.

It turns out that the robber (Kelly) is pregnant with the baby of the convenience store worker that she shot. This is so Jerry Springer, not to mention, this kid is a terrible actor. He left her and she had no money, so she thought this was a good idea. She says she’s hormonal. Sam says, “ I think there’s a new word for what you are.” Amen.

Susan is getting closer. Pete tells her about losing his wife to calm her down. He says it gets better. She asks if that’s really true—or if you just bury the pain down deeper. Susan gets into the water tub and drops her list—which makes her totally lose it. It’s almost as if she is finally grieving for her husband right now. All her hyperventilating is complicating the delivery. In a really touching turn, Addison crawls in the tub behind her and holds her, saying that she is not doing this alone.

Across town, Kelly clubs Sam in the head with her gun. Not too smart to take out the only person who can deliver your baby. He’s okay, but the baby needs to be rotated. He calls Naomi for more directions on rotating the shoulder. She is a little worried about him now. He gets it rotated and the screaming starts. We keep flashing back and forth between Kelly and Susan with lots of screaming for a while—whose idea was this editing?

And it’s done. Final count: Three healthy babies—one girl and two boys. Addison squished out to the lobby to show the officers Susan’s little boy, named after his dad Jason. Kelly has a little girl, and Sam says he’s going to call the cops—by now she is so exhausted she doesn’t care.

Broken dates
Violet and Cooper make plans to get busy at eight. The LAPD officer asks Addison to have a drink, and she seems to consider it for a moment, but Dell is there. She declines, saying she has plans (with Pete.)

Cooper gets to Violet’s and they start getting undressed. She’s all ready to go for casual, meaningless friends-with-benefits… but Cooper can’t go through with it. She immediately gets offended (who wouldn’t, she’s standing there stark naked, and getting rejected by the man she says has “no standards”), and Cooper can’t really explain his feelings to her he just says that it would never “mean nothing” with her. Awww…. I wish he would just tell her the whole truth.

Across town, Addison answers her door to find… Cooper? He wanted to talk about his night with Sam—but Sam’s not home yet. There’s some awkwardness while Addison takes a big slug of wine and realizes that her date (now an hour late) stood her up. They decide to order a pizza.

Back at Violet’s the doorbell rings. She thinks Cooper’s come back, but it’s… Pete? What?! Ok, he’s there because the water birth clearly shook him a bit. He says that when his wife Anna died they’d been trying to have a baby. He clearly needs Therapist Violet. Thank goodness, if he was at her door for some action I think I’d have to quit watching.

 Back at Oceanside, Sam comes in and finds Naomi at work. He’s pretty banged up and tells her a bit about his hellish afternoon. She gets so choked up and emotional that she kisses him, and then the clothes start coming off and the rest is history. Wowza, that came out of left field—but I like it! For all the talk of everyone else on staff having sex, in the end we get these two—who still clearly love each other, and should be together. So, I think it’s sweet—even if I was looking forward to seeing Pete with his shirt off. What do you guys think? Should everyone have hooked up? Did you like the police officer? What’s Dell going to do if Sam and Naomi rekindle their romance? Wasn’t this week’s episode good? I’m loving that it’s focusing more on everyone’s relationships with each other and less on the odd patients that come in.

Next week:

Addison dates a patient and Oceanside gets quarantined!

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