TV Recap: Private Practice

Naomi is at Addison's getting ready for a date with a random guy who we never meet. The doorbell rings and Addison opens the door to find none other than Pete (not the date, naturally). He's mildly drunk and very flirty, and he wants Addison to join him next door where he's been playing poker with Cooper and Sam and drinking... wine? Maybe he just brought that bottle over as bait. Somehow I doubt that's what they were having on a boy's night.

She shuts him down, but he insists he could also come in and they could get to know each other outside the office. No go. She sends him off. Since when would the Addison Montgomery we know not take advantage of this. When did she turn into such a good girl?

At Oceanside, everyone huddles up for the morning meeting. Violet says even she has been on a date lately. Everyone is dating but Addison. Pete is still being flirty with her, now in front of everyone. She volunteers to help Naomi get a couple pregnant.

The Liar
Angie and Ray come in to seek Naomi’s assistance in getting pregnant. Her tests results come back fine, but she corners Addison and Naomi and asks them to tell Ray he’s infertile. She’s been lying to him, and she doesn’t really want a baby. This really bothers Addison and Naomi, but the woman leaves. She later comes back and as they go to throw her out, she tells them her real fear. She might have Huntington’s disease (it’s genetic and both her mother and grandmother had it), and she’s never been tested. She doesn’t want to go through all the sickness and eventual death with Ray, or have a baby if that’s the case. They test her, she has it, she takes off, and leaves Ray bewildered. They later get a hold of her and convince her to talk to him, and finally they come in and we’re back to the beginning, finally ready to make a baby.

The Abuser
A girl comes in to see Sam for a wrist fracture, and Cooper sets it for her. Her mom is a famous writer with MS who has known Sam for a while. Cooper sees a huge bruise on the girl’s arm, and suspects abuse after looking through her files. The girl denies it, and Sam refuses to believe him. Cooper debates, and calls Child Protective Services. They take their cases pretty seriously there, and move to start the case immediately. He’s clearly wrestling with his decision. Violet helps him put on a tie—which she bought for him—and reassures him that he’s doing the right thing. Just when we think maybe he is wrong, we find out at the front desk that Dell (a former abuse victim) is convinced she is being abused—he recognizes all her behaviors from his own experience.

Before the hearing, the girl admits to him that he’s been abused. She claims her mom “needs to hit someone. Her life sucks.” On the stand, he states that he’s sure that’s the only way those injuries happened, and he gives a speech to the girl, telling her she should never have to accept the situation she’s been in. Afterward, the mom tries to get sympathy for Sam, but this time he puts her in her place and goes to support Cooper.

At the end of the day he’s still clearly upset, but Violet tries to comfort him and he puts her on the spot about children again. He is convinced that she’d consider it with the right man. She wants to know what happened to his tie and he says he didn’t want to puke on it, so he took it off. Aww. I like her so much better when she’s not being a crazy, ex-obsessed crying mess.

The Insomniac
Everyone’s favorite (cough) Chief, Charlotte, comes in looking like a hot mess. Apparently she’s suffering form serious insomnia, and she can hardly form sentences. Sam tries to prescribe pills, but she refuses—hinting at some sort of a pill addiction/dependency in the past—so he sends her to Pete, who she refers to as “The Quack.”

Pete tries magnet therapy first and throws a blanket on her and leaves her to enjoy some Gregorian chant music? He runs into Addison, while observing her from outside the room, and says, “Shush, IT might be asleep.” Addison gets all flirty and asks why he came over. Sam told Pete she’s the marrying type. He’s not getting married. But he’s there for fun. She should go elsewhere if she wants more. Soooo disappointing. He is too the marrying type, he just married the wrong woman obviously. I refuse to believe he’ll never settle down again. This can’t be it. Charlotte stirs. He sends her home with some other music and meditations. Yeah, she really seems like the meditating type, Pete. He later passes her off to Violet, telling her it’s a Co-op, so she needs to co-op with him. All we learn is that Charlotte is just as alone as Violet. She goes back to Pete, who’s now made her an Ayurvedic paste because Violet tells him to soothe her and be kind; she hasn’t been nurtured. Charlotte doesn’t want his “pity positivity.” She needs someone who she can’t irritate. She had no family affection, and finally releases about her childhood. She looks like she might even cry. No wonder she is such a stiff. Ugh, I don’t like her and Pete looking all romantic. I feel sorry for her, but not that sorry, he’s Addison’s prospect, not hers. Finally, she sleeps. Guess she just really needed to talk. Everyone stands around marveling at the sleeping “tiger.” Pete waits for her to wake up. She won’t take his tonics, but she gets all weird… like she might have some feelings for him. Oh no…

The Admirer
Dell spends all his time tidying up the practice and making sure Naomi has coffee and a crossword puzzle every morning. Sam picked up on his feelings for Naomi in a moment of awkwardness at the desk. Later, Naomi walks in and tells Sam not to “piss Dell off.” Sam calls her out on this silly little attraction and she defends Dell and says it’s cute, but nothing. Even later on, she thanks him for his help and he tells her he does everything for her because “she IS the practice.” Maybe I’m alone on this, but I find Dell somewhat cute when he’s just working at the desk, but really creepy when he’s hitting on Naomi. Please, a woman who was married to Sam could not possibly be interested in this kid—could she?

The Initiator
Addison caught Charlotte on her way out, and she tells her what good hands Pete has. Addison is a little surprised, and perhaps slightly jealous? After work she’s having a few margaritas with the girls and Naomi asks what they would do if they were Angie. Violet says she’d do what she’s doing now. Naomi would get on a plane with Maya. Addison says she doesn’t know. Pete is standing off in the distance on the beach. Naomi says "LIAR" and walks away.

Addison, still on her kick that “good people should get to have what they want,” goes up to Pete and tells him about Charlotte’s comment… and then kisses him!!!! Finally! But there’s no crazed passionate moment because Sam interrupts. Damn him. Pete asks if she’s having fun and she says no, she doesn’t want fun. He asks what that means and she just says, “a woman should get what she wants” and walks away. Good for her. Sam looks back at Pete and says “You in it now, man.”

Final Thoughts

Whew. Well, everyone was so vulnerable this week. I’m still in shock. I agree with last week’s commenter that it’s bizarre that they’re trying to rewrite history and make Addison out to be such a reformed good girl now that she’s away from her adulterous past at


. But, I guess it’s a new show and she got a fresh start. I am SO glad something with Pete finally got put into the works, but I am hoping that this Charlotte thing was just a fluke. We’ve waited too long to have her spoil it now. Besides, Addison is talking about getting busy with Pete next time. Can’t wait. Plus, Sam’s is going to be held at gunpoint! So, tell me what you’re thinking. Are you happy that we finally got some Pete action? Do you like all these love match-ups? We’ve got a two-week break now, but it looks like we have plenty of excitement to look forward to.

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