Problems with enamel on back molars

My twin boys have problems with enamel on their back molars. They are four years old now and one has silver crowns and the other just had to have silver fillings! I was told that I had a high fever while they were in utero. Any other ideas? I am so curious about this problem. I am also interested on what will happen to their permanent teeth? What are the chances that they too will be affected? We live in a small town and had to seek the help of a pediatric dentist with this problem when the boys were about two. Any information you could pass on is greatly appreciated!


While we do not always know what causes problems with development of enamel, usually the most likely suspects are genetic factors, illness, malnutrition, or certain medications taken during tooth development. It is possible that the high fever you had might have weakened the enamel of the primary teeth. Unless there is an ongoing problem with malnutrition or a genetic factor or if your sons are ill or require medication, it is not as likely their permanent teeth will have the same problem as their primary teeth. With incomplete formation or "weak" enamel, it is all the more important their teeth are brushed and flossed on a daily basis, especially after eating sweets. Hopefully, they don't receive too many sweets as this can also promote tooth decay. In addition, it is more imperative they are taken in for regular checkups, including radiographs (x-rays), and cleanings.

I would also recommend talking to your dentist or pediatrician about fluoride supplements for the boys. If the water in your area is not fluoridated or has less than 0.6 parts per million of fluoride, these supplements would be a good idea for your sons. While the topical application (achieved when chewing the chewable tablets) might be helpful for the primary teeth, the fluoride supplements will be most beneficial for the developing permanent teeth. For more information regarding fluoride supplements and proper dosages, please refer to our archive.

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