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About Me

  • About My Family

    it's just the three of us my self ,my hubby of 12 years,and my daughter josie she is ten

  • Ask Me For Advice On...

    love i always help my friend's see the light when thing's seem dim

  • Favorite Music

    to many to list but mostly rock

  • My Favorite Activities

    danceing, cooking,reading,singing,playing with my daughter,laughing,playing with my hubby lol

  • What's your sign?


  • My Hometown

    beloit wi

  • What I Do

    stay at home mom

  • Favorite TV Shows

    bones,true blood,once a pound a time,

  • Favorite Books

    anything by ann rice,victoriea tomson

  • What I Always Carry in My Bag

    i don't hav one

  • Charities & Causes I Support

    i can't support any right now i hope to soon

  • My Proudest Achievement

    my proudest achievement is my daughter shes super smart, hard working,strong,beautful,a strait A student andher dream is to work for N A S A she is the best thing that's ever happend to me next too my hubby

  • My Celebrity Twin

    sandra baullk people tell me all the time that we could be twin's

  • Best Day of My Life

    the day my baby girl was placed in my arm's

  • Favorite Movies

    fried green tomato's,forst gump,spider man,lord of the rings

  • My Favorite Quote

    somtimes you just have to make mud pies and be a silly kid again