Prolapsed cervix: Is the baby at risk?

I am pregnant with my fourth (and last) child. During my third pregnancy, my cervix began "popping out" of my vagina at eight months. It happened during bowel movements and was easily moved back until I birthed my son in a homebirth on my due date. It started popping out again during the second trimester this time. Will my baby and I be in any danger during labor (in a hospital)? Is there anything I can do to save my uterus in the future? I Kegel like crazy! Is this problem hereditary? My mom, at 47, is dealing with a mild prolaspe as well.


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This is the result of relaxation of the muscles of the pelvic floor. It is related to heredity and to parity (number of pregnancies). Kegels do help the muscles that support the vagina, especially the band of muscle that encircles the urethra and the vagina.

The baby should be in no danger, but postpartum you could be asked to consider repair at some point. Surgical repair or a pessary are two options, depending on the risk of surgery and on the defect itself. A pessary is a donut-shaped rubber device which fits up against the cervix and keeps pressure upward on it to hold it in place. In younger women, surgery is most often the solution.

Ask your provider if surgery would be recommended in your case, although they may not be able to assess this until about two to six months postpartum.

Continue to replace the cervix, if possible, and try to avoid straining, lifting or heavy exertion. I wish you well with this and hope all goes well in delivery.

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