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If there's any clear front-runner in this season's reality TV contests, it has to be the manufacturers of tissues. Up and down the dial, it's just weeper after weeper after weeper. Even hardcore adventure series like The Amazing Race are turning into three-hankie affairs that put the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies to shame. Big, strong men cry when they get letters from their beloved women. Angry women cry after a fight. Relieved wives cry when they get home to hug their children after being swapped with another family. Then their husbands shed a few tears when they figure out that somebody else has spent their winnings.

If you've tuned into any of these shows for even a few moments, you've no doubt noticed some strange gender politics going on amidst all that blubbering. Women have been taking over on some shows, picking each other apart on others and destroying themselves for the sake of beauty or relationships in all the rest. What's the worst thing women have done this season? We have the answers in our analysis of the female power on reality TV.

We also have the scoop on the final fours coming up on:

Survivor: Vanuatu America's Next Top Model 3 The Apprentice 2

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Survivor: Vanuatu


Female power may have been the buzzword for the whole season of Survivor: Vanuatu, but in the end, it was a guy getting the check for $1 million. Chris Dougherty charmed, finagled and lied his way to the top, breaking the women's alliance and getting rid of all his male competition.

After the women kept a strong alliance all the way through, the claws came out and the idea of gender equality went out the bamboo window frame. All Chris really had to do was sit back and watch the hair pulling.

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Here's how the finale played out:



Scout Cloud Lee 59, rancher, Stillwater, OK

Reminds us of: Bea Arthur on The Golden Girls

Game so far: Flying under the radar

Strength: Everyone likes her

Weakest moment: Falling down on all the challenges

Alliance: Twila, Eliza, Chris

Enemies: Ami

Update: Third


Eliza Orlins 21, pre-law student, Syracuse, NY

Reminds us of: The snippy sister in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Game so far: Thinks she's a leader, but isn't

Strength: She's a smart cookie

Weakest moment: Sniping at her allies during a reward challenge trivia game

Alliance: Twila, Eliza, Chris

Enemies: Ami

Update: Fourth, and ticked off about it.


Twila Tanner 41, highway worker, Marshall, MO

Reminds us of: Sue from the first Survivor

Game so far: Stuck with the guys, then went back with the women

Strength: Brute strength

Weakest moment: Voting out Chad instead of making an alliance with him

Alliance: Twila, Eliza, Chris

Enemies: Ami, Julie

Update: Second!


Chris Daugherty 33, highway construction worker, South Vienna, OH

Reminds us of: Garth Brooks

Game so far: Bonding with the men, staying cool after the merger

Strength: Flattering the women

Weakest moment: Voting against Sarge so he could lie about it later

Alliance: Scout, Twila, Eliza

Enemies: Ami, Julie

Update: The Winner! He pulled it off!

Julie Berry 23, youth mentor, Gorham, ME

Reminds us of: A young Andie MacDowell

Game so far: Sexing it up for the men, sticking with the women

Strength: Willing to lie boldly, like when she told Twila the men had also promised her a final-four slot

Weakest moment: Cozying up to Sarge around the fire

Alliance: Ami

Enemies: Twila

Update: Fifth

Ami Cusack 31, barista, Lakewood, CO

Reminds us of: Hillary Clinton

Game so far: Ruling the women's alliance with an iron fist

Strength: She's straightforward

Weakest moment: Bullying Twila

Alliance: Julie

Enemies: Scout, Twila

Update: Voted out! Sixth, just as expected.

Photo: ©CBS

America's Next Top Model


Bigger isn't always better, and little Eva proved that last night when she was crowned the winner of America's Next Top Model 3.

After Amanda was sent packing, Eva and Yaya faced off for one final challenge: walking the runway in a Japanese fashion show. Though both girls were nervous '- yep, even superconfident Yaya '- they pulled it off without a hitch. When they regrouped after the show, all eyes were on exotic beauty Yaya as Tyra prepared to announce the victor. But it was tomboy Eva who stole the spotlight as she became the first African-American to win the title.

"I'm a cover girl," cried a shocked Eva. "This tomboy who has never been beautiful... Now I'm America's Next Top Model."

After two seasons of typical catwalkers taking the prize, it was nice to have a girl next door pull out a victory.

Dish on the finale here.



Yaya 21, student, New York, NY

Reminds us of: Thandie Newton

Game so far: She's the front-runner, but lacks the modesty of a true winner

Strength: Has the worldliness of an Ivy Leaguer who speaks four languages

Weakness: Problematic skin and an attitude!

Friends & foes: Nobody really likes her

Update: Yaya was the first runner-up, but we're sure she'll have her own modeling contract any day now.


Ann 21, student, Erie, PA

Reminds us of: Gabrielle Reese

Game so far: Has the look, yet the judges just don't love her

Strength: Spunky, innocent and playful

Weakness: Lacks fashion sense, immature

Friends & foes: Part of the Pink Positive clique with Eva and Norelle

We bet: Voted out! A surprise to us


Amanda 25, mom, Hendersonville, NC

Reminds us of: Cate Blanchett meets Paris Hilton

Game so far: The legally blind southerner is a long shot, but the judges still gush

Strength: Exquisite turquoise eyes

Weakness: New platinum hair (ick!), tattling (about Cassie's eating disorder)

Friends & foes: Thinks she's well liked

Update: Amanda came in third


Eva 19, student, Los Angeles, CA

Reminds us of: Jada Pinkett Smith

Game so far: Makes up for being short with plenty of spunk

Strength: Funny, photographs well

Weakness: A flair for the dramatic '- remember the tarantula episode?

Friends & foes: Part of Pink Positive, but recently talked smack about Norelle

We bet: She'll come in short

Update: Winner! Little Eva surprised us all


Norelle 19, sales associate, Newport Beach, CA

Reminds us of: Meredith from The Bachelorette

Game so far: This season's Shandi, she's awkward but endearing; in one episode, she took her first wobbly spin in high heels

Strength: Has that model coat-hanger body

Weakness: Young and lacking seasoning, which makes her come off as flaky

Friends & foes: She's a Pink Positive lady

Update: Voted out!

Photo: ©UPN

The Apprentice 2


Female power failed big time as Donald Trump told Kelly, "You're hired," and sent Jennifer packing. It came down to who snubbed Donald worse at the charity event each was managing. Apparently, Donald would rather sit on a dirty, broken chair than be left to stand awkwardly alone for even a second. Jennifer's fate was sealed when nobody showed up after the basketball game to try to get him to go to the VIP reception. But Donald managed to survive when his box seat at the polo match that Kelly was managing was dirty and broken.

In the live boardroom from Lincoln Center, Jennifer fought back and it got kind of close at the end. "Robotic" Kelly could only roll his eyes and look astonished while Jennifer took hold and demolished his character. But, in the end, the Donald said he had his eye on Kelly all along, as he had his eye on last season's winner, Bill Rancic, all along. Even if the women on this show weren't so deplorable, could one of them possibly win?

You can post your comments about the show, or just read what other people are saying , or you can talk about the Survivor finale or the finale of America's Next Top Model. Plus, you can read about the behavior of the women this season on all the reality shows!

Post your comments about the show '- or just read what other people are saying '- here.


Sandy 28, bridal salon owner, Rockville, MD

Reminds us of: Jennifer M.

Game so far: She kicked butt on the bridal salon challenge, but has tanked otherwise

Strength: Never the worst at the wrong time

Weakest moment: Her Pepsi presentation was incomprehensible

Boardroom presence: Fights like the lawyers

Likely finish: Fifth

Update: Third


Kelly 37, software exec, Carlsbad, CA

Reminds us of: Ron Howard

Game so far: Totally in command, even likable

Strength: Organized, smart, even-handed

Weakest moment: Buying himself an expensive watch as his reward

Boardroom presence: He's hardly been there, so it's hard to tell

Update: He won! But it was closer than we thought.


Jennifer M. 30, lawyer, San Francisco, CA

Reminds us of: Jennifer Aniston

Game so far: Has slid through

Strength: Gets project manager's protection

Weakest moment: Selling out Andy in the boardroom

Boardroom presence: Pretty and poised, without much to say

Likely finish: Fourth

Update: A close second. Is that a glass ceiling she hit?


Ivana 28, venture capitalist, Boston, MA

Reminds us of: Winona Ryder in Heathers

Game so far: Fighting it out with all the women and winning by being nastier and more personal

Strength: Tenacity and hard work

Weakest moment: Complaining constantly that the other women are using their sexuality in offensive ways

Boardroom presence: Cranky and mean

Update: Voted out! She only made it to fifth!


Kevin 29, law student, Chicago, IL

Reminds us of: Blair Underwood

Game so far: Sticking with Kelly, he won enough not to be in danger in the boardroom

Strength: Business confidence with a good nature

Weakest moment: Not sticking up for Stacie J. when the women ganged up on her

Boardroom presence: Sweats when it's his turn

Likely finish: Final two

Update: Upset! Fourth

Photo: ©NBC

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