The 10 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Parenting Moments Ever

It's not always easy being a mom, but sometimes your kids give you a comedic break.

Raising a kid is hard work, but the rewards are endless -- especially the funny ones. Kids have no idea how hilarious they are! Reddit users shared their most unintentionally hilarious parenting moments, from breastfeeding with daddy (really!) to some seriously crappy gifts (poor grandma...).

Check out the 10 funniest stories below -- just make sure to put down your coffee first.

Mom comes in handy!
Today, my sweet 17-month-old daughter gently took my hand, held my finger softly, and I was just loving the love from her. Then she gently started to use my finger to pick her own nose. My gross little girl!

A new kind of potty training... 
Whenever my two-year-old needs a diaper change, he'll let us know by saying "mommy, daddy, diaper change!" And I'll ask him if he needs one while feeling his diaper to see if its full. So I'm in the kitchen the other day, I just finished eating lunch and announce to my SO that I'm going to the bathroom. My son turns the corner and without hesitation grabs my manly bits with his firm cupped hand and asks, "Daddy, diaper change?!"

Breast is best 
My husband was shirtless while holding our (at the time) 6-7 month old son. Before he knew what happened, our son had latched onto a nipple, ninja style. He jumped and let out a yelp, pulling the baby away from him. It took me a second to figure out what had happened... then i just lost it. He didn't think it was quite as funny as i did and he was very cautious about being shirtless around him after that.

Smart guy
My eldest at age 3 and going through the "why" phase asked a barrage of questions and then finished with: "I ask a lot of questions. Why do I ask a lot of questions?"

Baby's best friend
As I went to brush my teeth, my 3 year old followed me I to the bathroom. Just as my brain recognizes that there is something entirely foul on my toothbrush, he pipes up with "I brushed the dog's teeth!!!"

At least she's eco-friendly!
While at a family birthday party my then two year old niece decided it would be a great time to take her clothes off and run across the yard yelling "I'm free range!" We all just about died of laughter.

A handmade gift for Grandma
My daughter handed my mom (her Grandma) a poop ball from her diaper. She handed it to her and had such a look of pride on her face. She was so happy to hand Grandma something she made! I, on the other hand, didn't know if I should laugh or be mortified.

Little Miss Manners
My daughter, when she was 3, yelled at a boy she was playing with to shut up. I chastised her and told her she needed to use nice words. Without skipping a beat, she turned to the boy and said "Please shut up!"


Always a crowd-pleaser
My brother-in-law just got married in September. They had an open mic, so I made a short toast welcoming my sister-in-law into the family. My then 3-year-old daughter decided that she wanted to say something, too. The mic finally makes its way to her. We had quickly practiced what she wanted to say, "Congratulations! I love Uncle __ and Aunt ___." She gets the mic and as soon as she hears her own voice, she freezes. What comes out is this tiny voice that says, " I love..........everything!" Needless to say, it was a hard act to follow.

Now that's dedication
It was flu season, and for two weeks the entire family, mommy, daddy, and three boys, had a stomach virus that made all of us vomit at all hours of the day or night. Each of us carried a bucket through the house. The kids had buckets with their favorite cartoon characters on them, my wife and I had mop buckets. It was a crazy two weeks.

Near the end of the second week, my two year old is on our bed and starts to cough that familiar cough. My wife and i react instantly, she cups her hands under his mouth, and i whip around and grab her bucket off the floor. We get into place just in time, we made it. But then my kid shoves our hands and buckets away and shouts through a vomit-filled mouth, "NO! Thomas bucket!" Goddamn that train.


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