Remove Water Stain on Wood

How do I remove a white water stain on wood? A wet glass seems to have left a mark on my wooden coffee table and I can't get it off. --iVillager charitable


You could simply try rubbing a little mayonnaise on the problem area (yes, it works!), but usually a combination of a gentle abrasive with a lubricant is the solution. Just rub your abrasive/lubricant mixture in the same direction as the grain, using a clean, dry cloth.

Here are some abrasive/lubricant combinations:

  • Cigarette ashes and mayonnaise
  • Fine grade steel wool dipped in paste wax
  • Non-gel toothpaste and baking soda
  • A few drops of mineral or salad oil on the spot with a bit of rottenstone or pumice (which are powdered abrasives) shaken on top and mixed into a paste.
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