Renovating a '70s Ranch

I recently purchased a 1970s ranch-style house in Florida. We are totally renovating, putting in wood floors and a new kitchen. I grew up in a 1970s ranch, complete with avocado appliances, wood paneling, shaggy orange rug, etc. While I certainly do not want to go that route, I also want to be true to the era in which the house was built. I am looking for ideas for some '70s-inspired kitchen ideas done tastefully and somewhat up to date.

— GardenWeb user dirtymartini


Mixing select pieces of vintage furniture from the 1970s with today's designs and colors is a great way to celebrate the unique time period of your home. You can stay away from the shag carpeting and wood paneling but still go for some of the fun furniture that defines that time period. There are loads of pieces, from sofas to tables, which resonate with the great '70s vibe while still being comfortable and elegant. Search eBay, vintage shops and tag sales in your neighborhood. The key is to mix these period items with current pieces that have a more neutral tone and style to them so that the two periods can exist harmoniously. Steer away from recreating an era in the kitchen. Instead, accentuate your space with some fun retro-style accessories. From toasters to cabinet hardware to kitchen stools, you can have a lot of fun redecorating your kitchen.

Hope this helps!

Susanna Salk, decorating expert, blogger and iVillage contributor

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