The Right Words: Thank-You Notes 101

I was recently married, and I'm having a hard time finding the words to say thank you to all our guests who gave us money. I want to make sure I'm tactful and appreciative in my note, but I don't want to sound corny either. Any suggestions?


Dear Jacqui821:

Actually, it's pretty easy to write good thank-you notes. When writing thank-you notes for actual objects (not money), the formula is as follows: First, mention the gift by name -- something like, "Thank you so much for the champagne glasses." Second, let the giver know that you appreciate the effort that went into finding the item. In other words, "Leave it to you to remember how much I like cut crystal." Third, tell the giver how you plan to use the gift. For example, "They are a doubly special because whenever we toast something wonderful; it will be as if you are right there, toasting with us." When you receive a gift of money, don't mention the amount. Instead, refer to "your generous check" and go immediately to step three (above).

Here are some additional, easy ways to start thank-you notes for any occasion, including the upcoming holiday season:

  • "What a ..." can be followed by: great trip, nifty surprise, grand occasion, excellent gift.
  • "I was thinking (or remembering) ..."
  • "I can't tell you how much ..."

You probably can come up with a few perennials of your own. When you find a good one, write it down for future use. But remember that lines like this wear easily -- and should be used sparingly. May your muse be with you!

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