Rosanna Bowles

Tableware designer and entertaining expert

Rosanna Bowles, president and owner of Rosanna Inc., is a fashion tableware designer based out of Seattle, WA. In her opinion, entertaining can be effortless and elegant, and nearly any occasion is cause for a celebration, from major milestones to the smallest of moments.

When she started her business in 1982, she naturally turned to tableware. Scraping together the seed money, she took out a loan and created Rosanna, Inc., purveyor of fabulous fashion-forward plates. Her goal: to create high-quality, functional dishware, both richly handcrafted and affordable. Since then, her tableware has appeared in numerous publications, including Lucky, Bon Appetit, Elle, Instyle, and O at Home.

10 Questions with Rosanna

1. Food I can't live without: Delicious, local, and organically grown produce. Support your local farmers!

2. Food I refuse to eat: Anything processed! Or not freshly prepared. I also never touch fast food.

3. Favorite type of cuisine: Italian.

4. Sweet or savory? I’m a savory lover, with a definite sweet tooth.

5. Guilty-pleasure midnight snack: Warm whole milk with honey and vanilla. After drinking that, I drift right off to sleep.

6. All-time favorite chef: Julia Child. I watched her with my mother when I was a little girl. She inspired me, and my mother, to go beyond my comfort zone and explore new cuisines.

7. Go-to kitchen tool: A food processor. This is an invaluable tool for working with fresh food.

8. First thing you remember cooking as a kid: Homemade pie dough with my mother. She’d give me the scraps to make into my own little pie or other shapes.

9. Favorite restaurant: I have two! Barcaro in Providence, Rhode Island, and Il Desco in Verona, Italy.

10. What was the last thing you ate? Fresh arugula salad with mozzarella balls, garbanzo beans and local cherry tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and dusted with sea salt.