Roses That Won't Bloom

I have one rose bush that is out of control. It must be happy because it is growing like crazy, but I want more flowers. Is there a way to force it to bloom again and quit expanding? Will pruning convince it to bloom or just make it grow more?

It flowered once about two months ago and has not produced anything but canes and leaves since then. I have used Miracle-Gro to fertilize and started drip watering. I have no idea what kind of roses these are; they came with the house and we have only been here four and a half months (Las Vegas, zone 8).

--iVillager horsesjapan


It sounds as if you are doing everything right. There are two types of blooming roses: the ones that give off a spectacular OTO (one-time-only) bloom, and the ones that bloom continuously. Yours may be the OTO. But even so, sometimes you can get a re-bloom by maintaining the health of the plant.

Yes, do cut back unruly wild stems all the way to the base of the bush, even though conventional wisdom says to cut back at certain times only. I am always deadheading and cutting back unwanted branches because it helps to maintain the vigor of the bush.

You are right to fertilize and make sure to continue your drip watering. But, if it doesn't re-bloom, don't worry, it will again next year.

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