Rule of Thumb for Curtain Lengths

I have three short windows side by side in my bedroom with a radiator in front of the middle window. Since I want to hang sheers and drapes, am I correct in thinking that the sheers should not extend farther than the window seal? But what about the drapes -- how long are they suppose to hang?
--iVillager maximsgirl


The rule of thumb for curtain lengths is that the curtain should stop either just at the top of the windowsill or just at the bottom of the window frame.

The ones that just brush the sill are usually associated with cafe-type curtains and treatments that live inside the window frame. If you are covering the framework you want to go to the bottom of the frame or to the floor on both sides.

The sheers should be the same length as the drapes or it would look a little like a full-length slip with a short skirt. You could always do little shutters or Venetian wooden blinds with a fabric valence to simplify the look if you feel like the fabric is getting too overwhelming.

There is nothing like the warmth from an old-fashioned radiator. It takes me back to my college days.

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