Sealants for cavity-prove daughter?

Our child has had many cavities in spite of daily flossing and brushing. Are sealants an option?


Sealants are a preventative technique. They are used to help prevent cavities from forming on the chewing surface, and occasionally tongue and cheek surfaces, of the teeth. Sealants cannot be used between the teeth or after decay has already formed. Sealants are made to bond to the pits and grooves on tooth surfaces. They do not bond well to smooth surfaces. In addition, the area between the teeth is generally impossible to reach without some removal of tooth structure. Sealants might be helpful for your daughter's posterior teeth which have not been affected by tooth decay. This would be helpful in preventing decay on the chewing surfaces.

It might be helpful to brush your daughter's teeth more than twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. Disclosing tablets, which indicate where plaque remains on teeth after brushing and flossing, may also be helpful and fun for her. After she eats candy, fruits, or carbohydrates, try to brush and floss, or at least have her rinse with water in an attempt to remove some of the food. If you live in an area with unfluoridated water, ask your dentist or pediatrician about fluoride supplements. If she has chewable supplements, the topical effect of the fluoride will help strengthen her primary teeth.

Her permanent teeth may not be as cavity-prone as her primary teeth. Nevertheless, her permanent molars should be examined as they erupt to determine if sealants will be beneficial. First permanent molars usually erupt around 6 years-old.

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