The Secret to Continuous Orgasms

Dear Dr. Patti:

During the past nine months my boyfriend and I have enjoyed a wonderful sexual relationship. I am 43 years old, and until I met this man, I did not know what an orgasm was, but now that has changed dramatically. He has always been able to bring me to multiple orgasms. We have experimented with sexual aids and have found them extremely pleasurable. My question is, now that we have added vibrators to our lovemaking, my multiple orgasms have turned to one long, continuous, intense orgasm lasting 10 to 15 minutes or as long as my boyfriend continues stimulating me. It does not let up until my boyfriend penetrates me for one final peak. Are orgasms lasting this long normal, and can you explain?



Dear J:

What one might call you is a lucky woman! I can't tell you how often women who come to me for advice or counseling are seeking the endless orgasm, or even just a taste of what that would be like. It seems that you and your boyfriend have discovered the sexual fountain of youth.

As for the use of vibrators to perpetuate that orgasmic release, you have unlocked one of the keys for sexual success. Often a woman will require direct or indirect clitoral stimulation for her arousal to cook. I often recommend her using an electric massaging wand to do the trick. And if she also uses an internal device, such as a vibrating wand or penis-shaped object inside her vagina, she can stimulate herself to heights untold. A partner such as your man may become frightened or intimidated by the use of a sexual aid to promote your sexual response. I applaud his sense of self and sexual confidence to permit your bond to be enhanced with a non-human, battery-operated moving part.

Although there may be statistical norms for how long an orgasm can or should last, what's more important is that yours are long-lasting without causing pain or harm. If you cease feeling the enjoyment of an elongated foray into ecstasy, then chill it. As you probably already know, the truth is that women have the capacity to go into multiple rounds of orgasms, making them seem insatiable. In fact, your sense of satisfaction is much more determined by how your inner self is feeling, rather than when your genitals scream "Enough!" So monitor your whole body and its response; feel the good sensations throughout the process; and give yourself the green light for unlimited bliss.