Secret Recipes to Revive Your Sex Life

Excerpted from Recipes for Hot Sex by Dr. Joan Irvine

A "Picnic in The Park" is a perfect way to start him on a new adventure. You can pretend it is just a regular picnic. Then turn it into a picnic that takes him back to when he was a teenager. Remember the long make-out sessions you did in the backseat of a car, at the beach under a blanket or at the park with the warmth of the sun and the smell of fresh cut grass. Every time I smell fresh cut grass, I remember my first boyfriend. We had so much fun discovering each other. It was such an innocent and exciting time for both of us. We could hardly wait to be together. This is about recapturing the rapture of somewhere back in time.


Ø A spirit for adventure. Keep it simple, don't scare him with too exotic of a menu. If he is like most men, he likes the All-American diet of meat and potatoes. We recommend that you discuss any plans beforehand.
Ø Food that is easy to eat: Wine, low fat cheese and crackers, and sandwiches are a favorite light snack.
Ø If you're going to the beach or park, bring two blankets, (one to lie on and one for privacy) pillows, and music (Kenny G., light Jazz). Keep it quiet and romantic.
Ø Picnic basket staples:

· Lubricant
· Condoms
· Mini Massager (Pocket Rocket)
· Small towel or Kleenex
· Massage oil


Ø Select a fantasy that fits your personality and sense of adventure. If you're basically shy, then don't go for the Mile High Club. Try the most out of the way private place first. Most men love the excitement of having sex in a place that offers the possibility of getting caught.
Ø Practice with a picnic at home in your backyard or living room. One of our favorites is to surprise our lover with a picnic complete with blanket, picnic basket, wine and the atmosphere of an outdoor afternoon delight.
Ø Next, experiment with low risk dining out first. Like a picnic in a secluded park, under a blanket. See how your lover reacts and if this kind of dining out turns him and you on.
Ø Choose your clothing well. The easier it is to get to each other the more likely you will be to experiment with a variety of places. Men love those long flowing dresses with nothing underneath and sandals. For some reason the thought of no underwear and bare legs is an image that drives them crazy.


Ø Find a secluded beach, park or mountain hideaway.
Ø Scout the area: Make sure there are no hidden rocks or sharp objects that may get in the way and ruin a magic moment.
Ø Lay out the food and have everything within easy reach.
Ø Use your senses to create romance; notice the beautiful surroundings, take a moment to breathe and relax. You're out in nature, allow yourself to get in touch with your basic instincts, relax into the natural flow.
Ø Talk sexy, let him kiss and fondle you.
Ø Feed him, put a grape in your navel and let him eat it off of you. You get the idea.

Variations: Use the spices of imagination and creativity to plan a variety of dishes for this recipe.

Treat him to an experience he will talk about for a long, long time. Our lovers still talk about the Mile High Club, even years afterward. That reminds me, it's time to do that again.

More Dining Out Locations:

Ø Your living room with the drapes open..
Ø A bathroom at a wedding or party.
Ø In the car on the freeway. This would be more of a snack and don't talk with your mouth full.
Ø On a long distance trip, pull over to the side of the road or one of those rest stops for a quick lunch.
Ø In a jacuzzi or swimming pool. We love to play with water.
Ø A lounge chair by a pool. This is such fun at night when you're not sure who's looking.
Ø An elevator -- be sure to push the stop button or if your more adventuresome leave the stop button alone and see what happens.


One Night Stand
Most men have the fantasy of being seduced by an anonymous hot, sexy woman. If you've never tried this, instead of saying "no," become his fantasy one night stand. Discover the thrill and excitement that this can bring to a relationship! Irene's special sauce starts with an appetizing presentation Then she adds fantasy with words, stir in a touch of variety, whip up a frenzy with anticipation and mystery and, "voila", you have a sauce that is boiling over with passion.

Ø Candles on the nightstand and/or around the room in safe fireproof containers that you won't knock over easily.
Ø Champagne in an ice bucket with lots of ice.
Ø His favorite sex lingerie -- this will always be one of the most important ingredients in any recipe.
Ø Small cassette tape player and hot, sexy music; our favorite is Enigma (the first CD). This adds an incredible feeling and passion to your lovemaking.
Ø Wear his favorite perfume. Also spray the lamp bulbs and pillow. Go easy, nothing turns a man off like too much scent.

Secret Ingredients:
The world's greatest lovers have given us many secret ingredients for seduction. These time-tested techniques have been passed down from generation to generation by hot, sexy women of all ages. We have collected these secrets and our test chefs found them easy to include in many recipes.

Now let's talk about the secret ingredients that should be staples in your pantry:
Ø Sexy lingerie - have an assortment of lingerie: sweet, erotic, sophisticated, dominant and anything else that he likes. Most men like thongs. Don't ask me why, they just do. I hate them. However, we put one on because it excites him, he's so appreciative and it's not on for very long. Always wear matching bra and panties when you are with your lover.
Ø Lubricants -- many women report that they need a little something extra to make them wet at the beginning of lovemaking. This doesn't mean that they aren't aroused, they just don't secrete the amount of lubrication necessary for penetration. As we grow older and have hormonal changes, this can happen more often. Any water-based vaginal (personal) lubricant works fine. Put some into your vagina ahead of time, then it will feel natural and you don't have bother with it when you are focusing on other bigger things.
Ø Massage oil feels so good when you want to create the sensation of bodies slipping and sliding. Try putting a lot of oil on your breasts, then slide his penis between them. Men go wild for this kind of play.
Ø Sex Toys - once again, vibrators are the number one toy for women. You must be very careful how you introduce these toys to your lover. Men can be very turned off, if you don't introduce a vibrator in a sexy, sensual way. We recommend that you have the vibrator plugged in, under a pillow and you suggestively pull it out during foreplay. Use it on him first, massage his back, then work your way around his body. Let him get used to the feel of the vibration. Then say, " You want to watch me"? Begin by guiding his hands to feel you, have him touch your breasts, and play with your vagina, put his fingers inside of you. Then put the vibrator on your clitoris. Always keep him involved in your pleasure. He needs to feel safe, that you still find him sexier and more important than any toy. Another tip: Use a smaller vibrator to start. When he gets more comfortable, you add a little more spice to the sauce.
Ø Sexually Explicit Videos -- men enjoy more hard-core videos while women enjoy more romantic ones. Find videos that are a turn-on to both of you and you enjoy watching them together. Then use the techniques in the videos to create fantasies with your lover. These are your instructional cooking videos.


Ø Send him an invitation to a special night that tells him to meet you in the bar at a nice hotel lobby at specific time.
Ø Instruct him to pretend he doesn't know you. This sets up the intrigue of a one-night stand.
Ø Build his anticipation and offer him a challenge, leave a message: "Remember we're strangers, see if you can convince me to bring you back to my place for …."
Ø Register at the hotel; early enough, so you are not rushed.

Ø A sexy, playful attitude that flirts with his imagination and makes him fantasize about what he is going to do to you when he finally gets his hands on you.
Ø Be prepared with a story about who you are and why you're there. We like to pretend we are from out of town on business and are a little bored or lost without our lovers. One of our clients likes to pretend she is a high-class hooker.
Ø Lean toward him when you are talking, gently touch him as you make a point in the conversation.
Ø Use your hands in a slow, rhythmic gesture like playing with the stem of a wineglass or twirling a straw, draws his attention to you. Men think a woman stoking the stem of a wine glass is sexy and provocative; however, don't be too obvious: don't masturbate your wine glass in public. It's so much fun, for you don't even have to say a word.
Ø For some reason men find a low, soft throaty voice sexy. Our testing found that just lowering the volume and speaking slower works well. Slowly, seductively wetting your lips adds to the allure.

Take our suggestions and whip up your own combination of Hot Sex! Bon Appetite!

In today's busy world, we don't always have the time to cook up gourmet meals that take many delicious hours to eat. Sometimes we are just too tired to cook. If your man were given the choice of you spending time in the kitchen cooking food or making love to him, which would he choose? For the majority of men, we already know the answer: making love to him. Men want to be loved, touched, respected, fed and have plenty of hot sex. But they are happier if you start with the hot sex.

So, if you really want to satisfy your man and have his attention focused on you, throw away your pots and pans - you no longer need them. Instead start collecting recipes for fast food and the menus from all the restaurants that deliver. The cost is not that much different and the appreciation you receive from your lover is much greater than if you spent hours in that kitchen.

Sex tip #27 This is a recipe he will never forget. He will never look at his desk in the same way. So the next time you call him and want his attention, say, "Remember the time I came for lunch!"

Lunch on His Desk
Men think about sex every 30 to 60 seconds. So, if they work eight hours a day this means men think about sex a minimum of 480 times each day at work. Why not have these thoughts be about you and how sexy you are? One way to guarantee this is to change his desk into a picnic table and you are his lunch.

Warning: Don't Do Anything that Will Get Him Fired.

Ø Conservative business suit or dress (or a "trashy look" if that's what he likes). Sexy lingerie peaking out -- top and bottom -- to stimulate his appetite and arouse his taste buds..
Ø The highest heels you own and can walk in!
Ø Lunch from the deli


Ø Call for an appointment -- don't surprise him. If he's busy for lunch, you may want to do him for "cock" tail hour after everyone has left the office.
Ø Prepare your mind -- try something new and different. Go beyond your limit - just a little. You may need to modify this recipe based on the length of his lunch hour.
Ø Lock the door -- you don't want too many cooks in this kitchen -- unless that's part of your fantasy.

Ø Tell him to hold all calls, so you can give her your complete attention.
Ø Even if he's a little uncomfortable or distracted from your work, let him know that if he plays this fantasy with you, he'll be begging for "second helpings."
Ø Show your appreciation during lunch and afterward. Men love to be thanked for a meal!

Cooking Instructions for Men:
Show your appreciation during lunch and afterward:

Ø Tell her how hot she is.
Ø Thank her, let her know how much lunch meant to you.
Ø Send her flowers.
Ø Call her.
Ø Return the favor and plan one of her fantasy meals.

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