Severe egg allergy (21 months)

After a recent allergy test we have just found out that our 21 month old son has a strong allergic reaction to egg. To give you an idea as to how serious this allergy is, the letter from the doctor said that the test was performed on a scale of 0-19, 19 being the highest reaction, our son came out at 713. The question I wish to ask is, can you please suggest any books that will help us to help our son stay away from egg or products with egg in them. As you may be aware egg is in all sorts of products such as cakes, batter, pancakes etc. etc.


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Steve,

Wow...your son does sound allergic. Having no idea what they are measuring to arrive at a score of 1-19, it may be very stupid of me to suggest this, but did you call to see if perhaps that the 713 number was a topographical error on the part of the typist? Maybe she meant to type 13? Irregardless of the score, the fact that your son has a severe allergic reaction to eggs, you will need to be very careful.

I am going to refer you to some other resources that can be of more help than me. One excellent resource is The Food Allergy Network. They are particularly good with information on children's allergies and offer books, newsletters, etc. You can find them at Their address is 4744 Holly Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22030. Another source of help is The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology at 1-800-822-ASMA. Two other web sites that you should check out include 1) and 2) (this is about kids allergies)

Some books you may find helpful: The Allergy Cookbook and Food Buying Guide, by Pamela P. Nonken and S. Roger Hirsch, M.D., Warner Publishers. Cooking for the Allergic Child, by Judy Moyer, Collegiate Pride, Inc. Cooking Without- Recipes for the Allergic Child and His Family, by Margaret Williams, Tricor, Inc.

Eggs are pervasive, and you will need to be very careful to avoid them, and to find them in hidden places. As your son gets older, you can educate him more and more so that he too can help control his diet in order to stay healthy.

Words on labels that are clues to the presence of eggs include: albumin, ovomucin, ovomucoid, vitellin, ovovitellin, livetin, powdered or dried egg, ovoglobulin. Eggs are found in baking mixes, batter fried food, baked goods, breaded meats, custard, ice cream, some sherbet, meatloafs, croquettes, sausages, noodles, no- cholesterol egg substitutes, soups and sauces.

I hope you find the resources I have directed you to helpful. You may want to get the help of a dietitian for awhile, until you are comfortable that you can manage your son's diet yourself. Good luck to you.

Thank you for writing.

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