Should I disclose my pregnancy in job interviews?

Dear Ms. Demeanor:

I would like to know how to go about bringing up my pregnancy during job interviews. Should I be up-front about it, or wait until after I am hired and pretend I just found out?



Dear Expecting:

Don't begin any relationship with a lie, much less one with an employer. Your credibility is your biggest asset.

If no one asks whether you're pregnant, don't mention it. If, however, you need to reveal your pregnancy in order to fairly or accurately answer a question once you've been offered the job, then disclose it. For example, if your employer tells you that your job would entail a six-month training program once you've been on site for two months, you could say something such as, "I would need to make special arrangements for that, since I'm expecting a baby in six months."

When I posed your question to Jane Dalton, a lawyer specializing in employment law, she assured me that you are under no obligation to disclose it. We both agree that pretending not to know, however, is bad strategy and bad karma.

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