Should I have an affair?

I have been married five years and have a little child. We are happy and have an excellent relationship. During a business meeting, I met a very attractive man. He is also married and has a stable situation with his wife. We became very good friends after that meeting. I decided I just want to make love with him, just to try it once. I know he finds me very attractive too. I spoke with him about it and he thinks that this can both destroy our friendship and/or our families' relations. Can a one-time adventure be so destructive? -- L


Dear L,

Yes, yes and then some. Your erotic object is a wise owl giving you excellent guidance. So pay attention to what he is saying: You do take a serious risk, even with one hop under the covers, that you will open up a Pandora's box. Sex is so much more than just a physical act; it encompasses your mind, emotions, body, the social structures of the persons involved and your spirit. Your one-time foray may create a bond that you do NOT want to break, which could result in breaking not just agreements, but hearts, marital accords, and family systems. You do have a little child!

So, use this energy that you feel as raging desire for this guy and translate that into a hot time with your own sweetie right there at home with you. By the way, after several months, if this other guy were the one who co-signed your mortgage checks and took out the garbage each night, he might not look so appealing after all...

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