Should a two-year-old be able to form sentences?

I consider my 26-month-old son to be very bright. He counts to ten, can recognize all of the letters and has an amazing attention span. But, he still communicates very much in his own language. He can repeat most words but has not been able to put more than three words together. Should a child of this age be able to form sentences?


Your son has learned a great deal for his age. He sounds as if he is right on target as far as language development.

Your son seems to be concentrating very hard on reproducing words and sounds that are important to other people. He is just beginning to reproduce words that are important to him. Try to speak to your son about the everyday things you and he are doing. Reply to him when he repeats words or tries to tell you something. I'm sure you'll see how fast he starts using his language skills.

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