Should you pull out your child's baby tooth or wait?

My six year old's front tooth has been very loose for almost two months. The gum bleeds occasionally and she can really wobble the tooth with her fingers and tongue. Should I just give it a good yank and get it out or wait for it to fall out by itself?


It sounds to me like the tooth is loose enough that you could carefully remove it yourself.

If you have some mouthwash, such as Scope, Listerine or Ambesol, you can rub some on the gum around the loose tooth with a clean Q-tip to numb the area a little. It also helps to use a clean tissue to grasp the tooth after you have washed your hands with soap and warm water. Quickly twist the tooth as you pull it straight up (or straight down if it is an upper tooth).

If the tooth is not removed easily using this technique, then you should visit your dentist. If any bleeding occurs, apply some pressure for a few minutes.

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