Should a young five-year-old start kindergarten?

My son meets the kindergarten cutoff date by one day. My husband says he should go this coming year, but I'm not sure he is ready. I guess my real question is, should he start kindergarten at age five or six?


There are several issues you need to look into when making this decision. What kind of learner is your son? Does he learn well in a group setting? Does he have the kind of attention span which allows him to work on projects while other children are doing other things in the same room? Socially, how does he interact with his peers? Is he able to easily talk to the other children in the classroom? Does he make friends? Is he able to follow a classroom routine? Can he wait his turn, or share with other children?

These are only some of the questions that need to be answered before you can decide whether your child should go to kindergarten. And, in all honesty, you will not be able to answer them alone. Your son's teacher will be able to give you input, as she is the one who will be best able to shed light on the answers to these questions.

There are also other issues that should be considered. What is the population of the kindergarten your son will attend? Do most children wait until they are six-years-old in your area, or do they start at five? It can be much more difficult for your son to start kindergarten at five if he is a full year younger than almost all his classmates. On the other hand, if there are many, or even several fall birthdays, then it may be fine.

In short, you need to consider many factors. Take the time to look into the entire situation. Then you can make a well informed decision.

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