Shy three year-old and preschool

My three year old, is a very shy girl. She likes to play with kids she knows but when she went to daycare, she would not even say hello to the friends we see everyday. She is very bright, and we have tried the pre-schools but she just cries and doesn't want to go. I want her to be able to enjoy herself when I am not around. she has been with me since birth, because I have done Home daycare since she was born. I am now not doing daycare and trying to work outside the home. Do you think I should continue to do daycare until she feels more comfortable around other people?


It would be difficult for me to tell you what to do with your own life; however, it does seem as if your daughter is not quite ready to be in school. She may just need another year of maturity in order to adjust to a school setting without you in it. This is, of course, perfectly normal, especially for a shy child. You may wish to delay her schooling for one more year. Of course, if you must work outside the home, you must explain that to her. Then she will have to adjust as well as she can. In the best of all possible situations, however, it would be great to be able to keep her home.

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