Simple Hallway Makeover

"I am trying to make over a hallway -- I want it to be as beautiful and special as the rest of my house, but I need help. So far, I've purchased a beautiful rustic picture and I'm thinking about painting a wash technique on the walls. Any ideas?" --iVillager Connie


Turning a hallway into more than just a hallway is always a challenge. Just because it is a small space does not mean it should be ignored.

You are right in wanting to tie its decor in with the rest of the home, but I'm not sure that the wash technique is necessarily the answer. If the beautiful rustic picture is to be the focal point of the hallway, you need to be careful not to detract from it with a busy painting technique.

This advice actually goes for any type of decorating scheme. Choose one focal point in the room (or hallway, in this case) and decorate around it. With that in mind, I think it's best to provide a solid background and let the picture be the star.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Depending on the decor of the rest of your home, you may decide to use a rich color on the walls to complement the picture.
  • Or you might consider a wainscoting effect, where the bottom half of your wall carries some visual interest and the backdrop for the painting remains neutral.
  • Also, depending on the length of your hallway, adding more pictures in varying sizes and a few sconces in the same style as your original picture can be quite effective.
  • Lastly, using accent lighting on your artwork will enhance its beauty and, with other lighting, will completely change the mood of the space.
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