Six-year-old Swallowed Tooth

My six-year-old just lost one of his top teeth. In the process of pulling it out, he swallowed the tooth! Is there anything to watch for this? Will the tooth cause any internal injury or discomfort, or will it simply pass through his system?


The tooth your son swallowed will probably not cause any problems. The tooth should pass through his digestive system in about 2-3 days. It will not be completely digested.

I am not sure how the Tooth Fairy handles these situations. I know that swallowing teeth, crowns and other dental work is not uncommon. If a patient ingests a gold crown, I always give them the option of retrieving it to save time and money. Gold crowns cost about $650 to prepare. This fact may justify the unpleasant task of retrieving a swallowed crown. In your son's case, the Tooth Fairy may grant him a credit line.

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