Small pit on front tooth

My three year old has a small pit on one of her front teeth and the front teeth are discolored. Should she see a dentist about the pit and how do we whiten her teeth. We brush her teeth regularly, but cannot remove the discoloration.


The small pit you describe could be a number of things. It could be a small cavity, a stain, an incomplete closure of the enamel, or a discoloration possibly due to some illness or medication taken during that particular time in the tooth's development. The general discoloration on the front teeth you mention could also be due to illness or medication (for example, tetracycline or too much fluoride) during the development of these teeth. This could also just be the natural coloration of your daughter's teeth, although primary teeth tend to be fairly white. The other explanation could be the nerves inside the teeth are dead or dying due to trauma, e.g. a fall or hit in the mouth. I would advise seeing a dentist to check on these various possibilities.

To whiten adult teeth, we have had great success with our bleaching program. I would not, however, recommend this for primary teeth. She will be losing these teeth and getting permanent teeth in their place in about three to four years. If it really bothers you, it might be possible to do some bonding with composite resin (tooth-colored filling material) to help the teeth appear whiter. This would require a very cooperative child to be successful, but, again, you can discuss this with your dentist if you are interested.

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