Small, Shaded Yard

What kinds of plants should I think about for a small, shaded back yard behind my apartment in Brooklyn? There's not much sun and I don't have much time to take care of them. Any suggestions?

-- iVillager Maria


I don't know what type of soil you have but it never hurts to add organic matter and even some topsoil to the existing soil. Plants will flourish with rich soil.

Depending on the size of your yard, you may want some beautiful bushes. You can choose from: mahonia, disanthus, fothergilla, witch hazel and hydrangeas. All of these thrive in a shaded area. The list for perennials is: astilbes, hostas, pulmonarias, epimediums, ferns, digitalis,cordyalis, dicentras and a great shade grass, chasmanthium. I have been successful in growing certain hybrid musk rambler roses in the shade.

As always, if you are buying from a nursery, check the labels on the plant and talk to a knowledgeable salesperson if you need more help. Good luck, have fun and let us know how 'your garden grows'.

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