Snack ideas for lactose intolerant

My 13 month old daughter is lactose-intolerant and allergic to Vitamin C. My doctor recommended that I keep her on Lacto-Free formula until she is 18 months old and she drinks about 12-16 ounces per day. I also breastfeed her a little at nap time and bedtime, but I don't think she gets a significant amount of milk.

I would like some advice about giving her snacks. She has a hearty appetite and likes to eat several times a day (although her weight is precisely average for her height). I feed her three meals with two or three light snacks in between. I'd like to give her something nutritious that's also easy to fix, but she can't have any of the things I gave my son, like cheese, yogurt, and Vitamin C-rich fruits. She eats plenty of vegetables, cereals, and meats at her meals, so I don't think her diet is too inadequate, but I would like to give her something besides crackers. What would you recommend?


Sue Gilbert

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Dear Rachel,

Your daughter's diet may not be too limited in the dairy department because now so many lactose free products are being introduced. Keep you eye out for them. Luckily there are lots of other great snack ideas you can use. Here are some more to add to your options:

  • mini muffins made with soy milk instead of regular milk
  • bagels
  • tofu chunks ( a good source of Calcium)
  • Banana shake: mix in a blender 1 banana with 1 1/2 cups vanilla flavored soy milk
  • raisins that have been soaked overnight
  • shredded soy cheese (check at you local health food store)
  • cooked pasta shapes
  • chopped hard cooked egg
  • rice cakes spread with blended 1/2 banana, 2T peanut butter, 2T tofu
  • ripe avocado chunks
  • leftover cooked rice pressed into a little ball
  • carrot apple juice
  • graham crackers

Thank you for writing.

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